Contentedly Yours

( Written for Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 480 ) Love-harmony; nice words, but not for person with, an empty stomach. Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 480. LOVE and Empty. Good evening and see you next time.  Guidelines- Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 480. LOVE and Empty I know what theContinue reading “Contentedly Yours”

Simply Yours

(W3 Prompt #65: Wea’ve Written Weekly posted on July 26, 2023) Firstly, I thought it must be love, Which imparts a reason to live with, But there is less love in the world than hate, No, it certainly can’t be love alone. Then I thought, it must be distress, One can only express one’s agony then,Continue reading “Simply Yours”

Bemusedly Yours

( Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #287 onJuly 6, 2023 ) Sometimes, in solitude I am bemused, Who do I go with, faith or love, Both make me powerful from within, Both give me strength to defy what is not right, Then, my muliebrity which shares my loneliness, Helps me decide and tells me, LoveContinue reading “Bemusedly Yours”

Faithfully Yours

(Written for – Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #318 – Design, 07.01.2023 — 51 Words ) I am not a hoax, never meant to betray, Could not keep up, never wanting to sway, I tried though always failed, well! that is fine, Hurting you was never in my love’s design, Destiny would have it moreContinue reading “Faithfully Yours”

Absolutely Yours

           Last weekend, I happened to overhear this beautiful song when I was parking my car in the basement area of our building. I went to that neighbor of mine and got it in the pen drive to listen to it a couple of times more. How soothing and refreshing itContinue reading “Absolutely Yours”

Serenely Yours

The scorching Sun can still appear serene, Torrential rains at times, less extreme, Typhoons subdued to a mere whisker, Tycoons’ ups and downs  seem simpler. Life remains calm and steady, with aplomb, Time stronger than anything however strong, Let’s embrace humanity and be human first, Leave behind all vanity, in this transient burst. With innerContinue reading “Serenely Yours”

Meekly Yours

            Promise As firm as time infinite, Trust Beyond patience but definite, Respect With equality for one another, Affinity That complements us together, Love Calm, serene without ostentation, Understanding Only needs harmony, no confession.   Good evening and see you next time. Weekend Writing Prompt #308 –Confession Written for #Continue reading “Meekly Yours”

(un) Remorsefully Yours

You realize or you don’t, I forgive you always, Just the same way as, I loved you always. You realize or you don’t, I always wanted to forgive you, for it’s difficult for you, to walk a distance, than for me to say 69 words. You realize or you don’t, We may not be forContinue reading “(un) Remorsefully Yours”

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