Presently Yours

( Written for What do you see # 200- August 21, 2023 ) Every human thinks no lesser than a leader nowadays, So inculcate a simple human in all leaders. One smile makes thousands other to spontaneously smile, So make us all smile. Bridge connects far distances, high lows and difficult terrains, So bridge allContinue reading “Presently Yours”

Smilingly Yours

(Written for “What do you see” # 196- July 24, 2023 #Whatdoyousee Or #WDYS) It is here Oh! Yes, it is there, If you look for it, it’s every where, With an agony and after a distress, Just be honest and just be fair. Hidden in the tiniest petty things, if you look for it,Continue reading “Smilingly Yours”

Powerlessly Yours

(Written for W3 Prompt #64: Wea’ve Written Weekly- “power”) Passion to lift all downtrodden selflessly, Open for help to all who live helplessly, Willingness for equality beyond race and creed, Energy to stand by all needy without any greed, Reasons to draw own joy from others’ smile, Pity others with empathy & reverence in style.Continue reading “Powerlessly Yours”

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