Between the lines- j.m.negi

Between the lines-

j.m. negi

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  • Quietly Yours
    Not a “revelation” when I say- Better than my daughter saying with command “My father”, Your simple nod for something I don’t ask, Better than my wishes coming true, Your denial to what I meekly ask for. No lesser You coming across to my life, Than my mother giving me birth, No lesser my desireContinue reading “Quietly Yours”
  • Pollutedly yours
    Each and every one of us had to read Jane Taylor’s ” Twinkle Twinkle little star” during our childhood days for ourselves and during our parenthood days for our kids. It just occurred to me as to how a child would rhyme the same poem in some of the major cities of the developing worldContinue reading “Pollutedly yours”
  • Waitingly Yours
    You remember or not, You rest in my breath, You desire or not, You are my quest, For the rest of my life, You know or not, Even if I’m not in you, You remain in my everything. Good evening and see you next time. Photo Source * * Web * any commercial/financial benefit fromContinue reading “Waitingly Yours”
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