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Between the lines-

j.m. negi

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  • Promptly yours
    Yes, literally its a blog which is driven by different “prompts“, as given by other respected & established bloggers. It goes like- Love & solemnity forge her exercise deeds till infinity, Acting as a Family angel with all her true Muliebrity, No responsibility eschewed and no apathy shown, Mothers are evidently second God to usContinue reading “Promptly yours”
  • Amusingly yours
    Sometimes, I really get amused as to how do the bloggers I have been following, persistently keep writing wonderful prose or poetry. It’s not a sheer exaggeration that most of the prose or poetry has been of such a wisdom or quality that I take more time in putting a “worthwhile comment” than writing aContinue reading “Amusingly yours”
  • Modestly Yours
    O Janus! Come to us for Love, companionship and full equality, Alleviating hate, animosity and frivolity, Blessing humanity for zeal and inspiration, Making us all epitome of perspiration. O Janus! Come to us with Tranquility and chorus of symphony, Warm Rays to take all our melancholy, Separation from greed, jealous cacophony, Disdain, Ostentation & utterContinue reading “Modestly Yours”
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