Humbly Yours

     (Written for – Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Untouched ) Dome with a famed rise Grounded on that humble stone Untouched by its height   Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Untouched Good afternoon and see you next time.

(Un)Earthly Yours

    (Written for : David’s W3 Prompt #57: Wea’ve Written Weekly) I am using both the prompt images for the poem as below; the one to the left as a metaphor for earthly and humanly ways that mind aligns with and the one to the right as a metaphor for aspirations to fly higherContinue reading “(Un)Earthly Yours”

Brightly Yours

I am quoting beautifully meaningful lines of a hit Bollywood movie song but, the funniest part is that I found it being played in a marriage reception party recently. Please read the lines and comment as to why the song was being played there. The lines are- One darkness A million stars, if you see,Continue reading “Brightly Yours”

Excusably Yours

  Why tore my fragile heart,   Stitch or give yours ‘in-barter’.   With hand folded humble ‘excuse-request’ to all the young ( even others 😊) eligible ones who are recently infatuated that I have no intention of stealing these words of their copy right. In response to Weekend Writing Prompt- 313- Stitch, hosted by SamiContinue reading “Excusably Yours”

Relaxingly Yours

A Twin Haiku           Good – natured shadows, Are brighter in life’s twilight, Looks a warm morning. Written for : Eugenia’s Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #144 – 5/23/23 – Good-natured —————————————- Ruptured soul desires, Words more written than uttered, Poem, help me unwind. Written for : David’s W3 Prompt #56: Wea’ve Written WeeklyContinue reading “Relaxingly Yours”

Hopefully Yours

A Triple Haiku Allow that calmness, Much humming in the world, In death, noise intrudes. (To the Nature)   Allow us your warmth, Relations now grow colder, Nurture, don’t let them freeze. ( To the Humanity)   Allow us your light, Before you set for the day, To remove night’s black. (To the Sun)  Continue reading “Hopefully Yours”

Momentarily Yours

Weekend Writing Prompt #312 – Ephemeral In this ephemeral world, Why this pride O! King, Remember what is yours today, Was proudly owned by someone else yesterday, And, it will certainly be someone else’s tomorrow, Its only time which makes you brag, Which is yours today, not of other’s…. Word Count – 43 stipulated wordsContinue reading “Momentarily Yours”

Eternally Yours

(Written for : David’s W3 Prompt #55: Wea’ve Written Weekly)   Tangled thoughts, how and when to embrace, Restless mind, sporadic concerns, we chase, Our desires, shared or left astray,  Uncertain if they’ll bloom or simply decay, Bursting with life, still we seldom dare to believe, Leaving behind doubts, we yet choose, Eternal journey thisContinue reading “Eternally Yours”

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