Greedily Yours

My heart aches with envy and desire, Consumed by greed that never tires, I’m like a bird in a gilded cage, Yearning for more in a never-ending rage. I hold a golden egg, but it’s not enough, I want a golden hen to lay with golden stuff, To have what others have, and even more,Continue reading “Greedily Yours”

Daughterly Yours

         You do not really get to realize that you are aging unless a fine morning, not your better half but your daughter who until now was thought to be a kiddy, admonishes you for not having gone for a morning walk. This is particularly true for all artists and more soContinue reading “Daughterly Yours”

Poetically Yours

                  Poetry is one of the tenderest mode of portraying delicate feelings, sensitive ideas and emotional outbreaks in humans. Audience reach to one’s poetry is as important as penning down nice lines of poetry itself. With the objective of enhancing reach to at least local audience ofContinue reading “Poetically Yours”

(un) Remorsefully Yours

You realize or you don’t, I forgive you always, Just the same way as, I loved you always. You realize or you don’t, I always wanted to forgive you, for it’s difficult for you, to walk a distance, than for me to say 69 words. You realize or you don’t, We may not be forContinue reading “(un) Remorsefully Yours”

Jealously Yours

To start April in a lighter mode, at least for all those who somehow had a busy March, (In India, we have financial years from April to March) here are some seemingly lighter but analytically heavier difference among a Poet,  a Prose writer (henceforth writer) and a Satirist– 1- Usage of Words- Poet– Very Smart,Continue reading “Jealously Yours”

Spiritually Yours

Recently, an ex-colleague of mine, a staunch Hindu devotee, went to Mauritius for a fortnight. As he would do it daily in his hometown, taking a dip early in the morning in the holy Ganges and then pray the rising Sun with a palmful of Ganges water, a ritual named “arghya”, how overwhelmed he becameContinue reading “Spiritually Yours”

Affectionately Yours

A place where you ain’t you, I ain’t me, A space though small but with happiness, Where you choose from the heap of desires, You put the sorrows in the detritus, Time not needed to heal wounds.   A place, I tell you nothing, you hear everything, A space with dignity between us-no illusion, WhereContinue reading “Affectionately Yours”

Responsibly Yours

Today, its not a poetry, not a prose, not an essay about any ritual or custom and not even a read on any prompt. Sometimes, a spontaneous conversation with an acquainted person or a line or two in someone’s feed on social media platform is no less a poetry or a delightful prose or aContinue reading “Responsibly Yours”

Flowerily Yours

Another proud ritual of ours in the form of the festival of flowers called “Phooldei” was celebrated today in the hilly state of Uttarakhand by the children with much zeal and enthusiasm.  In this festival, which is at the start of seasons change from winter to warmer days, all the children of a village accumulateContinue reading “Flowerily Yours”

Mischievously Yours

“Breath-taking breaths of hers when breathed in by me took my breath away” 14 words- It takes 14 words to take a breath away; well! it never occurred to me. Sammi’s weekend writing prompt #302 Sammi prompts us to use the word “breathtaking” in a piece of poetry or prose that is exactly 14 words long. Good eveningContinue reading “Mischievously Yours”

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