Dreadingly Yours

( Written for Weekend writing Prompt # 338 by Sammi) If wishes granted beyond life, this place not better than death’s strife!! If life’s just a tiny breath,  not macabre to think of death.. If, death fulfils a wish-prayer, life not worth living in despair? Weekend Writing Prompt #338 – Macabre Good evening and till later….Continue reading “Dreadingly Yours”

Maturely Yours

( Written for #Poetry Challenge No. 337, 9/12/23 ) Paddle through upstream will make you tougher, for life is a tough ocean. #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 337, 9/12/23 Good evening and see you next time.  Guidelines- This week’s challenge is a photo prompt. This year, my friend, and photographer, Terri Webster Schrandt, from secondwindleisure.com shared her photos withContinue reading “Maturely Yours”

Charmingly Yours

( Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Fleeting by Eugi, dated 8 Aug 2023 ) All earthly colors, Mesmerizing though fleeting, Enough for life’s charm. ——————– Can wait a decade, for a fleeting sketch by an, impeccable painter. Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Fleeting Good evening and see you next time. Prompt Guidelines- Welcome to Moonwashed Musings!, Continue reading “Charmingly Yours”

Simply Yours

(W3 Prompt #65: Wea’ve Written Weekly posted on July 26, 2023) Firstly, I thought it must be love, Which imparts a reason to live with, But there is less love in the world than hate, No, it certainly can’t be love alone. Then I thought, it must be distress, One can only express one’s agony then,Continue reading “Simply Yours”

Surprisingly Yours

(Written for Ovi Poetry Challenge 2) Deprived live a life not so well, Opulence brings heaven to dwell, Both face either heaven or hell, Who believes in life after death? Ovi Poetry Challenge 2: HEART is your inspiration. Good evening and see you next time.  Ovi Poetry First, remember, YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE THE WORDSContinue reading “Surprisingly Yours”

(Un)Tiredly Yours

(Written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #315- Tired) The more it fatigues me, The lesser I feel tired, Successful or all in vain; my attempts, They fetch me something, At least, a fighting spirit, Like me or loathe me, It cannot ignore me, Be pally or at loggerheads, I will always love, Talking about you,Continue reading “(Un)Tiredly Yours”

Brightly Yours

I am quoting beautifully meaningful lines of a hit Bollywood movie song but, the funniest part is that I found it being played in a marriage reception party recently. Please read the lines and comment as to why the song was being played there. The lines are- One darkness A million stars, if you see,Continue reading “Brightly Yours”

Serenely Yours

The scorching Sun can still appear serene, Torrential rains at times, less extreme, Typhoons subdued to a mere whisker, Tycoons’ ups and downs  seem simpler. Life remains calm and steady, with aplomb, Time stronger than anything however strong, Let’s embrace humanity and be human first, Leave behind all vanity, in this transient burst. With innerContinue reading “Serenely Yours”

Lively Yours

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #140 – 4/25/23 – Impending                ——————————————– If death is all that side to find, And life is just a minor bind, What if you don’t cherish life, Where’s the fear in death, so rife? The mind’s perfection is our goal, Through life or death, it’sContinue reading “Lively Yours”

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