Brightly Yours

I am quoting beautifully meaningful lines of a hit Bollywood movie song but, 
the funniest part is that I found it being played in a marriage reception 
party recently. Please read the lines and comment as to why the song was being 
played there. The lines are- 
One darkness
A million stars, if you see,
One disappointment
A million support to render, if you seek,
Life is the greatest gift,
Innocent are those who feel lost in life.

एक अँधेरा लाख सितारे एक
निराशा लाख सहारे
सबसे बड़ी सौगात हैं जीवन
नादाँ हैं जो जीवन से हारे

Courtesy Shri Indeevar ji, Hindi Movie Soundtrack ‘Aakhir Kyon’.

Good evening and see you next time.


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12 thoughts on “Brightly Yours

  1. a very lovely song.
    though it does seem quite deep for a wedding😁… I’m sure the words were meant to comfort.

    your thoughts would be?

    1. Must be… to comfort, but to whom; the bride, the groom, both of them, none of them or someone else. 😢
      A million dollar question, I guess. Thanks for your comment though, D…

      1. you welcome, J… and thanks for sharing this song. On listening to the full song…. It doesn’t seem appropriate for a wedding, though it is a beautiful song with much depth. 🤍🙏

  2. Darkness and stars. Disappointment and support. Life and innocence. Seems a bit melancholy, yet there is realism and balance in the words. Has Ying Yang energy to me.

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