Surprisingly Yours

(Written for Ovi Poetry Challenge 2)

Deprived live a life not so well,

Opulence brings heaven to dwell,

Both face either heaven or hell,

Who believes in life after death?

Ovi Poetry Challenge 2: HEART is your inspiration.

Good evening and see you next time. 

Ovi Poetry

First, remember, YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE THE WORDS of the CHALLENGE. They are the inspiration

Ovi Poetry is a syllabic/metre poetry form. In this case, Ovi is from India, originating in the Marathi language. The Ovi  has been in use in written form since the 13th Century, but the women’s ovee/ovi predates the literary form by at least the 12th Century.

The Ovi are in general, lyrical folk songs expressing love, social irony, and heroic events. They are written in the following scheme.

4 line stanzas, as few as one stanza and up to as many as you like.

8 syllables or less per line

Rhyming is AAAb. The second stanza would be CCCd. The third, EEEf. And so on. Meaning nothing in one stanza must rhyme with anything in the previous stanza. The fourth line does not rhyme.

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8 thoughts on “Surprisingly Yours

  1. Very interesting thoughts and the Ovi verse form used. Had no idea about this poetry and that it had originated from Marathi literature. Enjoyed reading this.

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