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(W3 Prompt #65: Wea’ve Written Weekly posted on July 26, 2023)

Firstly, I thought it must be love,

Which imparts a reason to live with,

But there is less love in the world than hate,

No, it certainly can’t be love alone.

Then I thought, it must be distress,

One can only express one’s agony then,

But suppressed are scared to express themselves,

No, it certainly can’t be distress alone.

Then I thought, it must be faith,

It doesn’t need and doesn’t lead to a reason

And, it doesn’t require to be and cannot be expressed,

No, it certainly can’t be faith alone.

Then I thought,  success, failure, or mirth are the ones,

They all give you meaning for being human,

But more poetry in nature, in rhythm so mundane also,

No, it certainly can’t be these alone.

Well then I thought, it’s the life and life only,

Which itself is a poetry, all who live are poets,

Who sing it well express themselves and,

Who sing even better keep it to themselves.

W3 Prompt #65: Wea’ve Written Weekly

Good evening and se you next time. 

Sadje’s prompt guidelines

  • Write: a syllabic poem or: a poem in free verse;
  • Topic: “What inspires you to write?” or: “What inspires you to write poetry?”

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