Silvery Yours

Advertisements (Written Meant for dVerse prompt: Quadrille #183, A Sliver Silver of a Poem posted on 4 Sep 2023) I misread the prompt word as Silver in place of Sliver and came to know about it only after Colleen’s lovely comment “How wonderful… but Kim’s word is “sliver.” I also like it with silver. LOL!Continue reading “Silvery Yours”

Greenly Yours

Advertisements ( Autumn arrives, haiku challenge, My Poetry, Natuarlist Weekly- Colleen M. Chesebro) Autumn leaves renounced, Colorful they come and go, Trunk remains unfazed. Autumn Arrives, haiku Good evening and see you next time.    Guidelines- This week’s haiku invitation from Mark, at Naturalist Weekly is to write a haiku or senryu that references the shifting weatherContinue reading “Greenly Yours”

Persistently Yours

Advertisements I happen to come across an old friend of mine who ventured into a techy start up a couple of years ago, and I am made to learn that he is still struggling with it. But, this blog is not about the story of his success or rather, if I may say so, hisContinue reading “Persistently Yours”

Empirically Yours

Advertisements               ( Written for What do you see # 201 and Reena’s Xploration Challenge #295) Human needs, dreams, all aspirations same, Virtues, vices, and life’s destinations same, Knowledge thirst and its proliferation same, Information burst and its accumulation same, Rustic emotions and their sophistication same, Religion, dogma, andContinue reading “Empirically Yours”

Romantically Yours

Advertisements ( Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt  – Peaceable ) All the energy in nature, still peaceable We don’t seem to learn. —————- Turbulent waters become peaceable to peep “Pardanashin Moon” ( “Pardanashin Moon” is used in Hindusthani dialect and it implies the Moon that remains behind the curtains of the clouds. My apologies, couldn’t findContinue reading “Romantically Yours”

Refreshingly Yours

Advertisements (I wrote my ekphrastic poem towards the prompt as an Etheree, a poem of 10 lines, the first line with one and the tenth one with ten syllables with an incremental of one syllable after each line) O! found you, after ages, same pungent scent, same willowy frame, same insouciant  walk, with confident andContinue reading “Refreshingly Yours”

Humanly Yours

Advertisements ( Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #326 – Creed posted on August 26, 2023 by Sammi ) Searched for a very terrestrial lead, Which was to be of human breed, Found all superior by wisdom, conscience indeed, Everyone, but, was of some race or creed. Asked one where was the human in him, HeContinue reading “Humanly Yours”

Consciously Yours

Advertisements ( Written for W3 Prompt #69: Wea’ve Written Weekly posted on August 23, 2023 ) How long will the darkness last only till we desire not to be lit in, There is a crack, a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in So we must look for a way to our soul, forContinue reading “Consciously Yours”

Presently Yours

Advertisements ( Written for What do you see # 200- August 21, 2023 ) Every human thinks no lesser than a leader nowadays, So inculcate a simple human in all leaders. One smile makes thousands other to spontaneously smile, So make us all smile. Bridge connects far distances, high lows and difficult terrains, So bridgeContinue reading “Presently Yours”

Automatically Yours

Advertisements      I came across this beautiful message from a college friend of mine from the UAE on a WhatsApp group this morning. I convey my full gratitude to whosoever wrote it first and with the ‘un-granted permission‘ slightly modified it before blogging. I know that the original writer must be a noble manContinue reading “Automatically Yours”

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