Rightly Yours

( written for Weekend Writing Prompt #324 – Panacea posted on August 12, 2023 by Sammi Cox ) Discrimination; by race, gender, color of the skin, Non equality; By opportunities, resources, rights, Freedom; for some and complete lacking for others, Humanity; the panacea which will heal the world for these, Look for it or don’t exploreContinue reading “Rightly Yours”

Vividly Yours

( Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #292, August 10, 2023) They say ages have elapsed since you went away, I don’t agree, it’s still the same, stuck up somewhere, They say many seasons have turned up since then, No, they haven’t, I still wait for spring to come, I am still here by the riverContinue reading “Vividly Yours”

Admirably Yours

( written for W3 Prompt #67: Wea’ve Written Weekly, posted on August 9, 2023 ) This was a very interesting and cakewalk kind of  prompt for the simple reason that I have generally been trying my best to write all nonsense craps anyway😊, so really, it didn’t require an extra preparation. But, writing a nonsenseContinue reading “Admirably Yours”

Briskly Yours

( written for What do you see # 198- August 7, 2023 #Whatdoyousee Or #WDYS ) Time is the biggest illusion, Human distance a known fact, Birth is a random collusion, Death mere a certain abstract, Deeds are the only reverberation, Virtues life’s only extract, Touring by train the holiest hobby, and by Steam-diesel- orContinue reading “Briskly Yours”

Charmingly Yours

( Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Fleeting by Eugi, dated 8 Aug 2023 ) All earthly colors, Mesmerizing though fleeting, Enough for life’s charm. ——————– Can wait a decade, for a fleeting sketch by an, impeccable painter. Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Fleeting Good evening and see you next time. Prompt Guidelines- Welcome to Moonwashed Musings!, Continue reading “Charmingly Yours”

Historically Yours (1)

(Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #247August 2, 2023 by Crispina Kemp) Not some buildings ruins, But history tested for, Survival puissance. Crimson’s Creative Challenge #247 Good evening and see you next time.  Guidelines- Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday I post a photo (this week it’s that one above.) You respond with something CREATIVE Here areContinue reading “Historically Yours (1)”

Ethically Yours

        (Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #291, August 3, 2023) The king is fighting for his board-his reign, All others, the coterie, except pawns, for power, Every piece seems so indispensable, Be it rook, knight, bishop, queen, or the king, That anyone could be sacrificed for a pawn, That one piece thatContinue reading “Ethically Yours”

Outsmartly Yours

( Written for Weekend Writing Prompt #323 – Outsmart) All of my life, I have only been thinking that I out smarted him, how dare he could outsmart me, Or how could he have outsmarted someone else before I tried outsmarting him differently,  or he could outsmart me simply because He had the luck onContinue reading “Outsmartly Yours”

Sportingly Yours

( Written for W3 Prompt #66: Wea’ve Written Weekly Posted on August 2, 2023)   It’s the lullaby of life,  Why not we sing it well,  Even if It makes you strive,  Sing it like a magical spell.      Why not we sing it well,   Know we have to anyway,   Sing it like aContinue reading “Sportingly Yours”

Emotionally Yours

( Written for #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge hosted by Colleen, Synonyms Only: No. 331, 8/1/23) The more mind drifts from Emotions’ ripple, more duped Still, mind- heart scuffle. #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge, Synonyms Only: No. 331, 8/1/23 Good evening and see you next time.  Guidelines- This week’s challenge is Synonyms Only. That means you choose twoContinue reading “Emotionally Yours”

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