Smilingly Yours

(Written for “What do you see” # 196- July 24, 2023 #Whatdoyousee Or #WDYS)

It is here Oh! Yes, it is there,

If you look for it, it’s every where,

With an agony and after a distress,

Just be honest and just be fair.

Hidden in the tiniest petty things,

if you look for it, it’s every where,

Rekindles even if you have failed,

And rejuvenates you for a new glare.

Whatever the conditions whichever the time,

If you look for it, it’s every where,

Try it for yourself for your own sake,

Smile more Smile, a no cost affair.

Accrues multifold, remains as a treasure,

If you look for it, it’s every where,

Smile and let others smiles, too,

The World needs it, it’s a “human prayer“.

What do you see # 196- July 24, 2023

Good evening and see you smilingly next time. 

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