Powerlessly Yours

(Written for W3 Prompt #64: Wea’ve Written Weekly- “power”)

Passion to lift all downtrodden selflessly,

Open for help to all who live helplessly,

Willingness for equality beyond race and creed,

Energy to stand by all needy without any greed,

Reasons to draw own joy from others’ smile,

Pity others with empathy & reverence in style.


Rugged but applies might on the weak,

Energetic but uses it just like a freak,

Wealthy but no philanthropy to offer,

Outrageous to others, never ever softer,

Pugnacious on poor and amicable to the rest,

Resents envies with Other persons at the crest.


Just to sum up, powerful person rises by lifting others.

W3 Prompt #64: Wea’ve Written Weekly

Good evening and see you next time.

David’s W3 Prompt #64: Wea’ve Written Weekly

Sylvia’s prompt guidelines
Write a poem of any style and any length on the topic of “Power.”
It can be anything related to power in any way, whether it’s physical, emotional, or even electrical.

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