Naturally Yours

Advertisements ( Written for W3 Prompt #83: Wea’ve Written Weekly ) Unseen Never met Unheard either before. Words Said – unsaid Meaning taken lovingly. Feelings Soft sprout Despite stern restraints. Logical Mind suppresses Soft heart’s resistivity. Story Ends before It could start. True It was Never to subside. Comes Back even Stronger than ever. LoveContinue reading “Naturally Yours”

Humanly Yours (1)

Advertisements ( Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Phenomenons ) love, phenomenon.. so human, being undone so inhumanly. Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Phenomenons Good evening and till later… Moonwashed Weekly Prompt, Poetry Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Phenomenons Eugi 7 Nov 2023 1 minute creative poetry, inspiration, micro poetry, nature, prompt Guidelines- embrace raw beauty phenomenons gather aweContinue reading “Humanly Yours (1)”

Universally Yours

Advertisements ( written for W3 Prompt #79: Wea’ve Written Weekly ) You ask me Why, I loved you…. Yes, Was, for a reason called love. Humanity, Universal religion Love is worship… Faith conviction, Define traits… Follow your conviction religiously. W3 Prompt #79: Wea’ve Written Weekly Good evening and till next time… Guidelines- Intro Dear friends, WelcomeContinue reading “Universally Yours”

Lightly Yours

Advertisements ( Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #304 ) My sincere apologies to Reena ji for having responded to the prompt this way, not bizarre but definitely not what a composed poet generally would. Then, looking at the contribution so far, and going through them one by one, I only thought, one needs to beContinue reading “Lightly Yours”

Motherly Yours

Advertisements Lord Buddha,  Gautama, he was born,    left scepter,     Son infant,   to become light of Asia    for time – infinite.        Showered upon as blessings, by Jesus,  what was learnt, from Mother Mary, Love for all; Divine and Human.   Yashoda, chides Krishna, the Lord, who forgives, all our sins, All virtuesContinue reading “Motherly Yours”

Possessively Yours

Advertisements ( written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #300 ) 300 times you forgave me when I hurt you, 300 times you pointed out these mistakes being repeated all over, each time by very creative self expression, 300 times you have shown optimism on my assurance which was never sustained, 300 times you tried instilling someContinue reading “Possessively Yours”

Contentedly Yours

Advertisements ( Written for Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 480 ) Love-harmony; nice words, but not for person with, an empty stomach. Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 480. LOVE and Empty. Good evening and see you next time.  Guidelines- Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 480. LOVE and Empty I know whatContinue reading “Contentedly Yours”

Simply Yours

Advertisements (W3 Prompt #65: Wea’ve Written Weekly posted on July 26, 2023) Firstly, I thought it must be love, Which imparts a reason to live with, But there is less love in the world than hate, No, it certainly can’t be love alone. Then I thought, it must be distress, One can only express one’s agonyContinue reading “Simply Yours”

Bemusedly Yours

Advertisements ( Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #287 onJuly 6, 2023 ) Sometimes, in solitude I am bemused, Who do I go with, faith or love, Both make me powerful from within, Both give me strength to defy what is not right, Then, my muliebrity which shares my loneliness, Helps me decide and tells me,Continue reading “Bemusedly Yours”

Faithfully Yours

Advertisements (Written for – Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #318 – Design, 07.01.2023 — 51 Words ) I am not a hoax, never meant to betray, Could not keep up, never wanting to sway, I tried though always failed, well! that is fine, Hurting you was never in my love’s design, Destiny would have itContinue reading “Faithfully Yours”

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