Lightly Yours

( Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #304 )

My sincere apologies to Reena ji for having responded to the prompt this way, not bizarre but definitely not what a composed poet generally would. Then, looking at the contribution so far, and going through them one by one, I only thought, one needs to be on a lighter side, too. So there it is-

Melody in a shriekYour fiancée shouting at you and you pleading..

Beauty of chaos    – You know her brother can bash you up anytime,                                        still you follow her…

Wisdom of insanityEveryone knows it about love…so this ain’t                                               new, no fresh discovery…..

Sadness in profanity  – You ditch her and remember her one day when                                         your wife is really after you…..

lightness of intensityYou know the consequences sometimes dire                                               also, still you are into your whims for her love..

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #304

Good Morning and see you next time.


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38 thoughts on “Lightly Yours

  1. Each line captures a different facet of human emotions and relationships beautifully. Keep sharing your thoughts and feelings through your art of writing.👏😊

  2. This piece takes a unique and somewhat lighthearted approach to exploring the provided phrases, highlighting various aspects of human emotions and relationships. It offers a different perspective on the prompt, reminding us that creativity can take many forms. Good Morning, and I look forward to the next challenge. 😊🌟

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