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Sometimes, I really get amused as to how do the bloggers I have been following, persistently keep writing wonderful prose or poetry. It’s not a sheer exaggeration that most of the prose or poetry has been of such a wisdom or quality that I take more time in putting a “worthwhile comment” than writing a blog myself.

Under these extenuating circumstances, and notwithstanding the fact that I tend to comment on most of the good reads, I can not exonerate all the good posts from the charge of myself being non regular or very erratic in posting in my own blog.

Even this evening, with nothing of any use to share with you all, I have supposedly the last poem (rather a mere rhyme with no poetic content) up my sleeve written as a 19 year lad in my engineering college to impress some of my batchmates, and I am unscrupulous enough to share it with you with no hesitation at all with an honest and pious objective of continuity of blogs. On reading this, I equally welcome your growling, exasperation and scolding with open heart very amusingly, since I have always been “Satirically yours“. There it goes:-

Who is it that talks to me

When I am very lonely,

Who is it that comes to me

Through my dreams only,

O! unknown love of mine,

It’s you It’s you.

Who is it that I never met,

But can feel by touch,

Who is it that I haven’t seen,

But seems known so much,

O! Unseen love of mine,

It’s you It’s you.

Who is it that I looked for,

Through ages far and near,

Who is it that afflicts me,

Still remains my dear,

O! Unkind live of mine,

It’s you It’s you.

Good Evening, see you next time…

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31 thoughts on “Amusingly yours

  1. A lovely flow of amazing thoughts J… And your comments are always welcome and so much appreciated. 🤍🤍Haha… I wish I could comment like you do😋

    1. Wow! Nice to be the one who gets more”likes” for his comments than his posts. Just kidding…
      Thanks D.. your words are as sweet as your poetry is.

  2. It is not, “mere rhyme without poetic content”, they are deep and poetic verses, which I have found very pleasant to read. Thanks for your writings.

  3. The poem is actually good! Especially from a 19 years old of the past. 🙂
    Also, don’t feel guilty about not posting enough. Quality always trumps quantity! 🙌

  4. Il blog è rimasto almeno per quella piccola cerchia che frequento un luogo dove stare piacevolmente senza mettersi in competizione. La vita quella che ci impegna è fuori quindi non è la continuità dello scrivere che conta. Non ci sono obblighi si prova un’immediata empatia per alcuni è semplice curiosità per altri e non è necessaria alcuna finzione sbagliano a mio avviso quelli che vanno in cerca di like.
    Buona serata 🌻🦋

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