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Yes, literally its a blog which is driven by different “prompts“, as given by other respected & established bloggers. It goes like-

Love & solemnity forge her exercise deeds till infinity,

Acting as a Family angel with all her true Muliebrity,

No responsibility eschewed and no apathy shown,

Mothers are evidently second God to us

In this world with true known sanity.     


Nothing to deter her from even an iota of optimism,

Be complete failures or any tiny criticism,

Let our faith always persists,

Because we don’t live in a world,

Where no God exists.

I live with my “mother”, you may opt

To live in a world where no Gods Exist.


Above is my effort to do justice to the prompts as detailed-

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #265- To live in a world where no Gods Exist.

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #127 – 1/24/23 – Infinite

Written for J-Dubs word choice: prompt for JusJoJan, January 26th 2023, “family”

Carrot Ranch January 23: Story Challenge in 99-wordsOptimism(whole poem in 99 words)

ttps:// “exercise”

Sammi’s Weekender #296  (apathy) ( First Stanza 40 words)

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  1. on second thought more like salty sam
    and that damn deed to the ranch perchance
    hence reblog! gasp nope
    yes but not in the sense
    that you say how and what
    end of line

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