Modestly Yours

O Janus! Come to us for

Love, companionship and full equality,

Alleviating hate, animosity and frivolity,

Blessing humanity for zeal and inspiration,

Making us all epitome of perspiration.

O Janus! Come to us with

Tranquility and chorus of symphony,

Warm Rays to take all our melancholy,

Separation from greed, jealous cacophony,

Disdain, Ostentation & utter monotony.

O Janus! Come to us to

Evolve perpetual glee, honest prosperity,

Immaculate innocence, biggest morality,

Begin all good things & all known virtues,

Fetch that silent peace which one pursues.

( For this week’s Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 264 & Moonwashed Weekly) Prompt “Evolve” )

Hope you find the read enjoyable! 

Published by J M Negi

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30 thoughts on “Modestly Yours

  1. Beautiful!
    Let’s renew our efforts of teaching our children virtues. That fertile soil inspires “honest prosperity”. I’m going to remember that term. πŸ˜‰

    1. Holy Lord! Right at this very moment, I was at your” live and learn” post. I appreciate your concern raised there.
      I agree that parents must make an effort to nurture their children into a good human being apart from an educated one.
      Sincerely thanks for kind words though!πŸ’

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