Historically Yours

(Written for #SoCS- One/Won dated July 28, 2023 by Linda G. Hill) History respects the one who fought and won, History remembers the one who fought his heart out yet lost, History ignores the one who who ought to have fought but didn’t, But, history detests the one who never fought and betrayed own people. The FridayContinue reading “Historically Yours”

Timely Yours

( Written for W3 Prompt #62: Wea’ve Written Weekly-“The concept of time and how it affects our lives,” min 14 lines) It has never been yours nor mine, No matter, how much to you its fine, In heydays, the more it paves you, In perplexity the lesser it saves you. Presume to control it, ratherContinue reading “Timely Yours”

Hypothetically Yours

Written for : Sadje’s What do you see # 183 #Keepitalive #Whatdoyousee #WDYS For the first time, I dare participate in Sadje’s popular series and hope she does allow me for the same. I have four different sets of four lines each pertaining to the Girl’s and  supposedly the boy’s ( not in the frameContinue reading “Hypothetically Yours”

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