Timely Yours

( Written for W3 Prompt #62: Wea’ve Written Weekly-“The concept of time and how it affects our lives,” min 14 lines)

It has never been yours nor mine,

No matter, how much to you its fine,

In heydays, the more it paves you,

In perplexity the lesser it saves you.

Presume to control it, rather it controls us,

Not unfriendly but it never consoles us,

Utilized in all acts, be successful or failed,

Bottom line always is how best it’s availed.

Moves unidirectionally, for one and all,

Irrespective of the stature, how big or small,

To handle it efficiently, so unfaithful & disloyal,

Make it’s best use and get prepared for its betrayal.

Catch the ‘NOTORIOS TIME’ by horn, as is the saying,

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

W3 Prompt #62: Wea’ve Written Weekly

Good evening and see you next time.

Prompt Guidelines-

  • Write a sonnet or any other 14-line poem about “The concept of time and how it affects our lives.”

In order to participate and share a poem, open up the blog post, outside of the WordPress reader. At the bottom, just below these words, you will see a small rectangular graphic with the words ‘Mr Linky’. Click on that to submit.


Submissions are open for 5 days, until Monday, July 10, 10:00 AM (GMT+3)

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35 thoughts on “Timely Yours

  1. With concise and impactful lines, you’ve perfectly conveyed the message that time cannot be owned or controlled, but must be wisely utilized. I have especially liked it –
    “Utilized in all acts, be successful or failed,
    Bottom line always is how best it’s availed.”

    1. Sincere thanks. I wish I could get some impetus myself from your wise comment so as to optimally utilize my share of time. 😊

  2. I often say I have strange relationship with time, but that just me trying to remain mysterious. The truth is that I ignore it until it demands physical attention and even then, I’m not making any guarantees that mind isn’t still off with the butterflies.

      1. Even the word selflessness contains self 😊 Lol… so ‘self’ is imp too.
        I respect your sense of self-respect. 💐 Thanks.

  3. Hi, J. M. 👋🏻

    Just wanna let you know that this week’s prompt, hosted by Sylvia Cognac (creator of the Garland Shadorma) is now live!

    Enjoy 🙂


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