Waitingly Yours

You remember or not,

You rest in my breath,

You desire or not,

You are my quest,

For the rest of my life,

You know or not,

Even if I’m not in you,

You remain in my everything.

Good evening and see you next time.

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Promptly yours

Yes, literally its a blog which is driven by different “prompts“, as given by other respected & established bloggers. It goes like-

Love & solemnity forge her exercise deeds till infinity,

Acting as a Family angel with all her true Muliebrity,

No responsibility eschewed and no apathy shown,

Mothers are evidently second God to us

In this world with true known sanity.     


Nothing to deter her from even an iota of optimism,

Be complete failures or any tiny criticism,

Let our faith always persists,

Because we don’t live in a world,

Where no God exists.

I live with my “mother”, you may opt

To live in a world where no Gods Exist.


Above is my effort to do justice to the prompts as detailed-

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #265- To live in a world where no Gods Exist.

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #127 – 1/24/23 – Infinite

Written for J-Dubs word choice: prompt for JusJoJan, January 26th 2023, “family”

Carrot Ranch January 23: Story Challenge in 99-wordsOptimism(whole poem in 99 words)

ttps://lindaghill.com/2023/01/29/daily-prompt-jusjojan-the-28th-2023/ “exercise”

Sammi’s Weekender #296  (apathy) ( First Stanza 40 words)

Amusingly yours

Sometimes, I really get amused as to how do the bloggers I have been following, persistently keep writing wonderful prose or poetry. It’s not a sheer exaggeration that most of the prose or poetry has been of such a wisdom or quality that I take more time in putting a “worthwhile comment” than writing a blog myself.

Under these extenuating circumstances, and notwithstanding the fact that I tend to comment on most of the good reads, I can not exonerate all the good posts from the charge of myself being non regular or very erratic in posting in my own blog.

Even this evening, with nothing of any use to share with you all, I have supposedly the last poem (rather a mere rhyme with no poetic content) up my sleeve written as a 19 year lad in my engineering college to impress some of my batchmates, and I am unscrupulous enough to share it with you with no hesitation at all with an honest and pious objective of continuity of blogs. On reading this, I equally welcome your growling, exasperation and scolding with open heart very amusingly, since I have always been “Satirically yours“. There it goes:-

Who is it that talks to me

When I am very lonely,

Who is it that comes to me

Through my dreams only,

O! unknown love of mine,

It’s you It’s you.

Who is it that I never met,

But can feel by touch,

Who is it that I haven’t seen,

But seems known so much,

O! Unseen love of mine,

It’s you It’s you.

Who is it that I looked for,

Through ages far and near,

Who is it that afflicts me,

Still remains my dear,

O! Unkind live of mine,

It’s you It’s you.

Good Evening, see you next time…

Modestly Yours

O Janus! Come to us for

Love, companionship and full equality,

Alleviating hate, animosity and frivolity,

Blessing humanity for zeal and inspiration,

Making us all epitome of perspiration.

O Janus! Come to us with

Tranquility and chorus of symphony,

Warm Rays to take all our melancholy,

Separation from greed, jealous cacophony,

Disdain, Ostentation & utter monotony.

O Janus! Come to us to

Evolve perpetual glee, honest prosperity,

Immaculate innocence, biggest morality,

Begin all good things & all known virtues,

Fetch that silent peace which one pursues.

( For this week’s Reena’s Xploration Challenge # 264 & Moonwashed Weekly) Prompt “Evolve” )

Hope you find the read enjoyable! 

(Un) embarrassingly yours

In mostly all the social media platforms including “WordPress”, you have friends from countries other than yours and some of them react to your posts or comment in their domestic language only. Similarly, there are friends who prefer to post in their own language. It’s become a common practice for some amateur bloggers like myself, of course with exceptions, to “like” posts of their social media friends in particular who in turn like theirs. Honestly, I seldom read a post written in a language other than in English or Hindi completely and tend to like it if it’s from a “social media- friend circle” albeit option of “Google Translate” is readily available.

 Today also, I just did the same thing and that landed me in utter self-embarrassment. In response to a beautiful Spanish poem received in my mail, I did like it as usual and commented “indeed true”. The response from the author which I got to read after about 6 hours was “poemas del alfalfa escritos en el corazón (pause) Gracias por tu opinión.un abrazo desde peru y muchos éxito este año 2023”   And friends it reads as “ alfalfa (title of the poem)  poems written in the heart (pause) Thanks for your opinion. A hug from Peru and many successes this year 2023.

I don’t have to explain to anyone one at all as to how great a poet the author of the blog indeed was and that he really wrote it from the core of his heart, true virtue of a poet. Not only was he a natural poet writing from his heart (not his mind ) but was even bigger a human being in truest of sense since he offered a spontaneous  HUG in lieu of a feigned expression of mine.

I think for a poet words do matter but more than anything else, feelings do. Lastly, we, from the entire world across all the countries, owe you a greater HUG, my dear friend from Peru.

Good evening, and see you next time!

Earthly Yours

Written for : Reena’s PROMPT #262: RANDOM DREAMS

Random Dreams

O Lord! Thou shall fill us with all the Earthly colors,

Shower the blessings this year in our endeavours,

We shall not pray for any heavenly miracles,

Just protect the mankind from humanly debacles.

For we cherish all the dreams regular or random,

For we own happiness and pain periodic or seldom,

We welcome all the seasons be autumn or spring,

Relish all emotions that accrue in the life’s string.

We desire no Heaven, seek no divine seasoning,

The Earth has many Heavens by every reasoning,

Better apostle of Mankind than Angels from heaven.

Love only “race” and “loveonly confession.

O Lord! Thou shall fill us with all the Earthly colors.

Passionately yours

Bidding Adieu 2022 and welcoming 2023

I write this more to pay my gratitude & respect to “all the Blogger fraternity” who have all through the year given new dimension to our vision, knowledge and information about variety of poetic emotions, diverse prose, exotic discovered or undiscovered locations, awesome painting, reverberating jingles etc. than to bid adieu to the year 2022 which acquainted me to this wonderful world of blogging. You think about the subject and you have a mesmerizing blog to your click.

Salute to all bloggers penning about as uncommon a subject as “Leaves of Bergenia cordifolia turning red for winter” ; a tiny and near end leaf itself giving her the mirth & glee to not only describing it but to portray a lovely photograph also. Really, getting joy from the smallest thing possible is what makes any blogger different from others.

Salute to all bloggers making us tour via “blogging world” all the distant places of the world so lavishly on a click something which is otherwise so bizarre and unthinkable at least for a middle class Indian family.

Salute to all bloggers with a Keats or a Milton or a Wordsworth or a Shelley in their hearts spreading love, kindling hope, rejuvenating courage and most of it all caring about humanity as a whole.

Salute to all bloggers with a Mozart or a Tchaikovsky in their mind & limbs providing enticing rhythm and tune to calm us in such a chaotic fast moving globe. They may be lesser in numbers but nonetheless stand parallel to all others.

Salute to all bloggers into fashion, fitness, hygiene, yoga, dancing, medicine, meditation etc. You only make us realize time and again how fragile this world is something we frequently tend to be oblivious to.

Salute to all bloggers preaching some altruism and philanthropy and whole lot of other topics which may sound so petty but are very much into our lives, to a subject which requires certain prudency to even get the actual in depth meaning of it.

Salute to all stalwarts of blogging world with viewership numbers into thousands and hundred thousands and huge followers. At the same time, even bigger salute to all the new comers who could muster the minimum courage required and shy away their inhibitions to venture into blogging despite the presence of all heavyweights in each field.

All the very best for the next year, and see you next time.

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* any commercial/financial benefit from the usage is neither intended nor required by the author.

Happily Yours

कैसा पास और कितना दूर,
सब सच में बहाना है,
थोड़ा-थोड़ा सबको निभाना है।

क्या सब पाया क्या सब खोया,
क्यों याद करूं,
मुझसे जिसको जो ठौर मिले,
वो बात करूं,
समय से लड़ने की निष्फल
कोशिश करते जाना है,
थोड़ा-थोड़ा सबको निभाना है।

क्या बोलूं क्या मौन समेटूँ ,
कुछ खबर नहीं,
अथक सफर को कैसे बाँटू,
कुछ सबर नहीं ,
उम्र से लम्बी इन सड़कों पर ,
फिर भी कारवॉ चलाना है।
थोड़ा-थोड़ा सबको निभाना है।

कैसा पास और कितना दूर
सब सच में बहाना है ,
थोड़ा-थोड़ा सबको निभाना है।

Submissively Yours

कुछ मंजिलों के निशां न थे
कुछ रास्तों की पहचां न थी,
कुछ सही का यों हौंसला न था,
कुछ गलत पे जिन्दगी मेहरबां न थी ।

कुछ सपनों के पीछे थक कर
कुछ हकीकत से आंखें मथकर,
मुड़कर देखा तो कुछ भी न था
कुछ भी दुवाओं में जाँ न थी ।

कुछ जो हाथ है छूट न जाये
कुछ जो पास है दूर न जाये,
और कितने मंजर हैं अब बाकी
कुछ मंजर के तोे अरमाँ न थे ।

कुछ मंजिलों के निशां न थे
कुछ रास्तों की पहचां न थी ।

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