Ignorantly Yours

( Written for W3 Prompt #78: Wea’ve Written Weekly )


Or love,

Don’t ignore,

never ever!

for I want to be,

inside your heart- in veins,

in mind, emotions and throbs,

you love or hate, I live with you….

if you ignore, I become lifeless!!!

“Love or hate, don’t ignore, never ever”

W3 Prompt #78: Wea’ve Written Weekly

Good afternoon and see you next time…


Dear friends,

Welcome to our W3 Poetry Prompt, which goes live on Wednesdays at The Skeptic’s Kaddish.

You may click here for a fuller explanation of W3; but here’s the ‘tldr’ version:

Part I

The main ingredient of W3 is a weekly poem written by a Poet of the Week (PoW), which participants read before participating in the prompt.

Part II

The second ingredient is a writing guideline (or two) provided by the PoW. Guidelines may include, but are not limited to: word counts, poetic forms, inclusion of specific words, and use of particular poetic devices.

Part III

After five days, when the prompt closes, the PoW shall select one participant’s poem as the W3 prompt for the following week, and its author becomes the next PoW.

Simple enough, right?

Suzanne’s prompt guidelines

Dectina Refrain

  • Ten lines;
  • Syllabic: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10;
  • The tenth line is comprised of the first four lines all together, as one stand alone line in quotation marks. (apparently the quotation marks are optional.)

III. Submit: Click on ‘Mr. Linky’ below

In order to participate and share a poem, open up this blog post, outside of the WordPress reader. At the bottom, just below these words, you will see a small rectangular graphic with the words ‘Mr Linky’. Click on that to submit.

Submissions are open for 5 days, until Monday, October 30, 10:00 AM (GMT+3)


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50 thoughts on “Ignorantly Yours

  1. Such a true message conveyed so well …. love and hate are both so deep, sad how love can turn to hate, how lovely if hate could turn to love. Hate and love really can’t be ignored – I really like your line “if you ignore, I become lifeless!!!” so true, probably the most hurtful thing you can do to someone …

  2. Delightful! It isn’t healthy (for mental health or for the health of a relationship) to ignore emotions especially strong ones like love and hate!

  3. This reminds me… Elie Wiesel, prolific writer and Holocaust survivor famously said, “the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference”.

    Much love,

  4. This heartfelt poem explores the powerful emotions of love and hate, emphasizing the importance of being noticed and felt by others. The “Dectina Refrain” form is used effectively to convey the depth of these emotions in a concise manner. The poem encourages us not to overlook the significance of our feelings. Well done! 📝💫

    1. I am humbled if you found it that way. Yes, agree…Feeling is what differentiates a human being either felt for oneself or felt by oneself…
      Thanks yet again.☺️

  5. This (the part about being in heart, mind, emotions, veins) reminds me of a poem I wrote once about wanting to crawl inside someone’s body. I wish I still had it.

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