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I happen to come across an old friend of mine who ventured into a techy start up a couple of years ago, and I am made to learn that he is still struggling with it. But, this blog is not about the story of his success or rather, if I may say so, his failures. He entrepreneurs with certain ideas which despite technical perfection often don’t click and surprisingly, failure never stops him from coming up with yet another one. When I asked him about his obstinate attitude which costs money as well, he gave me a lesson of life which I have not seen any professional motivator deliver in such a simple way. His version-

Ignoring every failure and trying hard to achieve success again is a symptom of humanity that separates us from divinity. As per him, divine souls do not know what a failure is since they don’t fail at all so, why it should retard us from venturing on a new endeavor after an unsuccessful attempt if at all it comes.

What a simple way to understand a really hard fact of life, hats off to you Man!

Good evening and see you next time.

Lastly, leaving you all with a great number by Maria Carey- ” A hero lies in you” an all time favorite for many…..

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  1. Such a simple approach to keep going without getting disheartened. Never thought of perseverance like this. Maria Carey, says it best. Thanks for sharing both the learning and the song. Favourite of mine, too!

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