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Another proud ritual of ours in the form of the festival of flowers called “Phooldei” was celebrated today in the hilly state of Uttarakhand by the children with much zeal and enthusiasm.  In this festival, which is at the start of seasons change from winter to warmer days, all the children of a village accumulate all kinds of available flowers in their carry-bags and scatter it on the door threshold of all the houses and sing the auspicious lines as below of prosperity and well being-

  • फूल देई , छम्मा देई,
  • दैणी द्वार, भरि भकार
  • यो देली सॉ बारंबार नमस्कार

And the beautiful meaning of that goes like this-

May the threshold of this house be full of flowers and auspiciousness, 

May the threshold of this house protect everyone living inside,

May the threshold of this house and time  be right for everyone, that is, successful for everyone living in, and

May the threshold of this house bring full stock of food grains in this and everyone’s homes in the village.

Its the will and desire of well being of all the members in the village without any discriminations and with all equality that makes us prouder than the pious objective of it.

Good evening and see you next time.

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    1. From what I gather reading through your blog, you had been to Uttarakhand before, I wish if only you had seen this. Very sentimental, full of kids activities but no “show off” galore otherwise in this. Thanks a lot.

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