Heavenly Yours

For a change, today some stunning shots of the great Himalayan range from Kumaun and Garhwal regions of the Uttarakhand State, “simply heaven“. My sincerest thanks and gratitude to Mr. Saurav Joshi, a technical professional from an IIT who has got no lesser charm and flair towards trekking, photography and nature than the consultancy enterpriseContinue reading “Heavenly Yours”

Flowerily Yours

Another proud ritual of ours in the form of the festival of flowers called “Phooldei” was celebrated today in the hilly state of Uttarakhand by the children with much zeal and enthusiasm.  In this festival, which is at the start of seasons change from winter to warmer days, all the children of a village accumulateContinue reading “Flowerily Yours”

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