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Today, its not a poetry, not a prose, not an essay about any ritual or custom and not even a read on any prompt. Sometimes, a spontaneous conversation with an acquainted person or a line or two in someone’s feed on social media platform is no less a poetry or a delightful prose or a better practice than any ritual. Like many others, I also have time constraints for other engagements owing to my professional job and therefore, its very cumbersome to be regular on these social media platforms and in particular, where you are an audience rather than an active participant. I happened to check Facebook the other day so as to see what the other friends have been doing who are not available on other platforms. One feed there from a ‘literature- erudite’ who is very active in local magazines and news dailies drew my attention and it goes like the following-

“It is a common belief that children are not able to serve their parents the way parents bring up their children. Albeit, sometimes it also happens that the children serve their parents more than their own upbringing depending upon individual capability, parents’ will and own desire. The fundamental difference between kids upbringing and that of parents’ care is that the parents also enjoy affection in their childrenโ€™s upbringing while taking care of old parents in whatever way we do is basically caring or service only.”

He sums up in the end saying “since parents really relish their children’s upbringing, taking care of one’s old parents is much more a pious responsibility than the children’s upbringing”.

Bringing up our children is an important responsibility bestowed upon us but no one can deny that we enjoy it; their innocence, watching them grow up, their sweet lisp, their childish mischiefs, etc. Still, everyone is free, independent and sole decision makers on such individual matters, so am I to write about this. Hence, excuse me if the opinion doesn’t align with that of yours. A satirist commenting on this issue clearly shows how free “the bloggers” are, and to my delight,ย  I am a proud blogger up to my fingertips.

Good evening and see you next time.

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14 thoughts on “Responsibly Yours

  1. JM, as you put it, both aspects are fundamentally different…care vs nurture.Your observations are bang on.If at all; the only common and binding element in both the cases is ‘affection’.

  2. a very interesting read and speaks to today and perhaps tomorrow’s to come. though, I sincerely do hope that what we model when it comes to our parents will guide our children to follow when our turn comes.
    Thanks for the lovely share๐Ÿค

    1. what you say is 100% true, so very simple and easily understandable but to my dismay, not every parent and every child seems to understand this. Thanks for your noble view and the comment pl.

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