Suddenly Yours

    In todays perspective, life without social media usage in just unthinkable, and communication via whats app is an important aspect in that regard. Many of us are not only using that but also are in different whats app groups as well. Government officials have to necessarily be in dozens of such groups and they are not supposed to leave any of the groups. Its obviously very difficult to simultaneously put messages in different groups as many of them differ in purpose, level of the group members’ responsibility profile and the adroitness in the language being messaged in.   All the more difficult in another case when a person has to suddenly put his viewpoint in a particular group or when he suddenly joins a chat in which certain discussion has being going on for some time without his being part of it. Very much understandable in the first one and is really excusable owing to different nature of the groups, but in later case, it is very awkward for a person if the message is completely out of context within the same group.

      A good example of the second version; recently, a pal of mine got really embarrassed in congratulating his friend in a whats app group for marrying (again). He casually joined the on going chats about the marriage of the daughter of his friend, but by that time, other members had gone quite far in enquiring about groom and groom’s family. And then, some acquainted person in the group had commented, ” yes, he got married sometime back…” Who he was referring to was the groom’s father who had divorced long back.   This poor pal of mine, without wasting any moment, congratulated the friend for his own marriage, whereas he should have in fact congratulated for his daughter’s marriage, and surprisingly, the marriage he was congratulating for was that of groom’s father.

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13 thoughts on “Suddenly Yours

  1. those “oops” moments 🤣
    though funny, it can be embarrassing too.
    I agree with Sadje G….confusing if you not following 🤭

  2. Poor man…but quite understandable, given the amount of information we now get from so many sources, almost every minute of the day!

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