Earthly Yours

Written for : Reena’s PROMPT #262: RANDOM DREAMS

Random Dreams

O Lord! Thou shall fill us with all the Earthly colors,

Shower the blessings this year in our endeavours,

We shall not pray for any heavenly miracles,

Just protect the mankind from humanly debacles.

For we cherish all the dreams regular or random,

For we own happiness and pain periodic or seldom,

We welcome all the seasons be autumn or spring,

Relish all emotions that accrue in the life’s string.

We desire no Heaven, seek no divine seasoning,

The Earth has many Heavens by every reasoning,

Better apostle of Mankind than Angels from heaven.

Love only “race” and “loveonly confession.

O Lord! Thou shall fill us with all the Earthly colors.

Published by J M Negi

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24 thoughts on “Earthly Yours

  1. Lovely poem. JM. Nature is so inspiring! ❤ May all our days be spent surrounded by the beauty of the colors of nature! Last night the full moon was lovely, rising large and golden above the trees. 🙂

      1. My pleasure dear friend!
        By the way please do visit my page and share your reviews too so that I can also improve myself!
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        Have a good time ahead🤗💞☺

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