Passionately yours

Bidding Adieu 2022 and welcoming 2023

I write this more to pay my gratitude & respect to “all the Blogger fraternity” who have all through the year given new dimension to our vision, knowledge and information about variety of poetic emotions, diverse prose, exotic discovered or undiscovered locations, awesome painting, reverberating jingles etc. than to bid adieu to the year 2022 which acquainted me to this wonderful world of blogging. You think about the subject and you have a mesmerizing blog to your click.

Salute to all bloggers penning about as uncommon a subject as “Leaves of Bergenia cordifolia turning red for winter” ; a tiny and near end leaf itself giving her the mirth & glee to not only describing it but to portray a lovely photograph also. Really, getting joy from the smallest thing possible is what makes any blogger different from others.

Salute to all bloggers making us tour via “blogging world” all the distant places of the world so lavishly on a click something which is otherwise so bizarre and unthinkable at least for a middle class Indian family.

Salute to all bloggers with a Keats or a Milton or a Wordsworth or a Shelley in their hearts spreading love, kindling hope, rejuvenating courage and most of it all caring about humanity as a whole.

Salute to all bloggers with a Mozart or a Tchaikovsky in their mind & limbs providing enticing rhythm and tune to calm us in such a chaotic fast moving globe. They may be lesser in numbers but nonetheless stand parallel to all others.

Salute to all bloggers into fashion, fitness, hygiene, yoga, dancing, medicine, meditation etc. You only make us realize time and again how fragile this world is something we frequently tend to be oblivious to.

Salute to all bloggers preaching some altruism and philanthropy and whole lot of other topics which may sound so petty but are very much into our lives, to a subject which requires certain prudency to even get the actual in depth meaning of it.

Salute to all stalwarts of blogging world with viewership numbers into thousands and hundred thousands and huge followers. At the same time, even bigger salute to all the new comers who could muster the minimum courage required and shy away their inhibitions to venture into blogging despite the presence of all heavyweights in each field.

All the very best for the next year, and see you next time.

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  1. You’ve touched on the various aspects of blogging and the bloggers themselves. Beautifully stated and a kind and generous sentiment.
    Wishing you a magical and memorable 2023.

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