(Un)friendly yours (reblogged)

Dear friends,

Reblogging the post published about a year and a half ago, on request of the Pal of mine I was referring to in the very same blog -:

        With all the repentance for things that I ought to have done but couldn’t do in life and maximum malice & jealousy towards all my friends who pipped me all through, I foray in  blogging myself on the occasion of successful 10 years of blogging of a friend of mine. I have been thinking of congratulating him for the last 6 months but couldn’t muster enough inner strength and smallest possible word for this.    

As a quadragenarian, I have nurtured all the ‘good’ feelings and now find this platform technologically and opportunistically perfect to vent them out to all with no partiality at all. I am honest enough to say that I have not let these feelings mellowed even the smallest bit for the last 30 years since I came out of college.

              Now, since I have decided to break the ice, let us all share all the exasperation we have accumulated over the gone by years of our lives with no commitments and all excuses. Let’s not spare the tiniest bit of ill feelings deter us from saying all we wanted to say in the best cultured way we can.

See you next time. Good Night.

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