Relaxingly Yours

A Twin Haiku           Good – natured shadows, Are brighter in life’s twilight, Looks a warm morning. Written for : Eugenia’s Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #144 – 5/23/23 – Good-natured —————————————- Ruptured soul desires, Words more written than uttered, Poem, help me unwind. Written for : David’s W3 Prompt #56: Wea’ve Written WeeklyContinue reading “Relaxingly Yours”

Hopefully Yours

A Triple Haiku Allow that calmness, Much humming in the world, In death, noise intrudes. (To the Nature)   Allow us your warmth, Relations now grow colder, Nurture, don’t let them freeze. ( To the Humanity)   Allow us your light, Before you set for the day, To remove night’s black. (To the Sun)  Continue reading “Hopefully Yours”

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