Sparingly Yours

          (Sammi’s Weekend Prompt#319 Sparrow, 07.08.2023, 20 Words) We cover our balconies, protrude AC units, remove plants and say “Sparrows are on the verge of extinction”-  Urbane pretension. Weekend Writing Prompt #319 – Sparrow Good evening and see you next time. Image courtesy- Pixabay. Word Prompt Sparrow – Challenge, Weekend Writing PromptContinue reading “Sparingly Yours”

Timely Yours

( Written for W3 Prompt #62: Wea’ve Written Weekly-“The concept of time and how it affects our lives,” min 14 lines) It has never been yours nor mine, No matter, how much to you its fine, In heydays, the more it paves you, In perplexity the lesser it saves you. Presume to control it, ratherContinue reading “Timely Yours”

Tinily Yours

( Written for Moonwashed Musings! Weekly Prompt – Masterpiece )   Ethics so higher, Hope golden, persona blue, “Master!” paint a “piece“   Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Masterpiece Good evening and see you next time.    Your Weekly Prompt – Masterpiece Go where the prompt leads you.  It can be any variation of the prompt and/orContinue reading “Tinily Yours”

Solidly Yours

( Written for Linda’s SoCS Your prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rock”) Whenever you look back, behind, Rock solid you will always find, With you in his heart so entwined, A slender figure resembling me. The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 1, 2023 Good evening and see you next time. 

Routinely Yours

( Charli Mills inspires us via June 27, 2023, prompt in 99 words (no more, no less), write a story as a response to “we’ve received your complaint.” Who has received the complaint and why? How was the complaint delivered — with grace, humor, vitriol? Go where the prompt leads! ) And here goes my ‘complaint toContinue reading “Routinely Yours”

Faithfully Yours

(Written for – Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #318 – Design, 07.01.2023 — 51 Words ) I am not a hoax, never meant to betray, Could not keep up, never wanting to sway, I tried though always failed, well! that is fine, Hurting you was never in my love’s design, Destiny would have it moreContinue reading “Faithfully Yours”

Dreamingly Yours

( written for W3 Prompt #61: Wea’ve Written Weekly) Near, Lush green, Land, snow peaks, By Gange’s bank, Where wind chimes music, Cuckoo sings melody, Innocence in abundance, Nature’s blessing and no disguise, Far from jealousy, hatred and greed, Lies my dreamy-tiny-divine hamlet.   Good evening and see you next time. W3 Prompt #61: Wea’veContinue reading “Dreamingly Yours”

Surprisingly Yours

(Written for Ovi Poetry Challenge 2) Deprived live a life not so well, Opulence brings heaven to dwell, Both face either heaven or hell, Who believes in life after death? Ovi Poetry Challenge 2: HEART is your inspiration. Good evening and see you next time.  Ovi Poetry First, remember, YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE THE WORDSContinue reading “Surprisingly Yours”

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