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              In the WordPress admin interface, I recently happen to have a look on the ads revenue in the statistic segment which was closing to US$1.0 I learnt that WP will pay it only when it reaches a minimum threshold of US$100. I know, at this pace, I shall have to incarnate next birth that too as a writer (which I would relish anyway) to get to see the first transaction done by WP 😊😊. Still, I wish you would understand and fathom the kind of tickle that had on me for some time. That immediately reminded me of my first paid article in the prestigious Times group (Bennet Coleman and co Pvt Ltd), i.e. The Times of India, Patna edition in 1993. It was in the series of a column named “I, me and myself” and the first remuneration paid was for Rs. 200 per article ( Indian Rupees). The amount looked pretty decent for a slightly over 20 years lad studying engineering whose total monthly expenses without fee (Government college, so fee was almost negligible) that time were under 600 rupees per month.

I spent almost one day to trace out the first receipt of such payment; the time interval in which I could have jotted at least a couple of blogs for WP. But, the kind of rejoice it gave, made me get it and I am presenting it here. As a professionals,  many of us would be enjoying regularly and persistently all the professional successes that we achieve from time to time but, trust me, if you get something like this for your hobby, the joy is entirely of different magnitude and kind altogether.

Lastly, for a system like ours, I just wish we all enjoy our individual professional work exactly the way we enjoy our hobbies or anything we are really fond of. And yes, there are few things in life which are not like your first crush but certainly, there are few other things in life which are no way lesser than that like your first job, first bounty, first publication ( for writers) first recognition and more of this sort.

Good evening and see you next time.

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  1. That’s a wonderful memory you’ve shared! Writing your first paid article for The Times of India in 1993 must have been an exciting and proud moment. It’s amazing how a sum like Rs. 200 felt substantial back then, especially for a young engineering student with minimal expenses. Writing can truly be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor. Statistics, that’s the sas thing of course.

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