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India is a land of festivals; almost a couple of festivals or festive occasions in every month. This is particularly true for the region I hail from, Kumaun in Uttarakhand State. In local vernacular, we call it “Rangeelo-Kumaun” meaning colourful Kumaun, probably owing to the festivity frequency. The State Government also declares about 25 gazetted holidays and 18 restricted holidays annually 😊. Sometimes, a couple of local holidays at the district level or two offs (not counting Saturday off for a few lucky ones) in a row make it all the more occasional when a non-weekend furlough can be enjoyed by the state government servants.

You got me wrong! this is not an essay on administrative-efficiency amelioration-analysis on a government system or a simple bragging of my socio-cultural roots. This with utmost honesty, in fact, is an endeavor to humbly salute all those fellow bloggers who are so disciplined in posting their feeds or getting their blogs updated with all the zeal one can hardly think of even in a professional job. I have found a couple of friends even posting almost on the very same time of the day or week or whichever interval they tend to do it.

Probably, I could never notice these, maybe due to working days’ engagements, but this time, when off to such a non weekend furlough, I did notice the pattern for two consecutive days. Though, what drifted me towards some edgy feelings that time, later only made me realize what perseverance and discipline is all about.

There are bloggers like me who enjoy blogging and there are bloggers unlike me whose posts are enjoyed by others. And with whatever meagre experience of social media and print media that I have, I can certainly say that discipline like in many other fields, is what differentiates between the above two categories.

Thanks to all those disciplined bloggers who have taught me this lesson number two; well some other day, I might blog on the first lesson, once I get so disciplined as is required to become such ones.

Happy blogging. Good evening and see you next time.

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13 thoughts on “Admiringly Yours

  1. Agree. Disciplined bloggers are inspirational especially, I think, for people like me who blog not so regularly. Enjoyed reading this!😊

    1. So sweet of you, Cheryl.
      You may not be to a mandatory schedule but you are disciplined to your publications, your responsibilities and even to blogs. I owe you more than a thousand thanks for your kind affable words.

  2. as said by Sadje G, I echo too, so both categories.
    discipline can be difficult as we learn 😬
    so true, well done to those who are able to maintain.
    This, as said, the second was much enjoyed… we wait on you for the first.
    a lovely share, J 🀍

    1. My very sincere thanks (out of 1000 thanks that I owe you) and good wishes. Yes, I am also raring to divulge on that!! πŸ€₯ waiting to get disciplined before that as I said. 😁

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