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   I came across this beautiful message from a college friend of mine from the UAE on a WhatsApp group this morning. I convey my full gratitude to whosoever wrote it first and with the ‘un-granted permission‘ slightly modified it before blogging. I know that the original writer must be a noble man whether or not he/she is a poet. But it is much more imperative to execute it yourself or/and spread these kind of messages/poetry/prose/one liners exponentially than to write them. And, I chose the latter being the easier of the options so, cannot but disown the credit of messaging it further 😊via WordPress as under 👇   –

You don’t have to plant a single tree;
they grow automatically,

you just don’t break them.

You don’t have to clean any river;

It’s flowing, will clean itself,

you just don’t put filth in it.

You don’t have to be a peacemaker;

there is peace everywhere,

you just don’t spread hate and disharmony.

You don’t have to try to save the animal and forests;

that ability is infinite in them all;

 you just don’t kill them and burn the forests.

You don’t have to try to fix anything;

Everything is fine,

just be yourself & mind your business.

Good afternoon and see you next time.

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