Pinely Yours

( Written for Whimsygizmo’s d’Verse Quadrille #182: are you pining poetry?)

To opine on pine,

juggled with words which rhyme,

nothing to thought’s design,

if thought right, words weren’t fine,

words clicked, theme not sublime,

lesson before I did decline,

poems from heart not mind,

mind is subtle, heart decodes lines

as human and intertwines.

Quadrille #182: Are You Pining for Poems? 

Good evening and see you next time. 

Prompt guidelines- It’s Quadrille Monday here at dVerse (my favorite!), when we pen poems of exactly 44 words, including one word we here at dVerse provide. Today, I want you to pine away.

I am still dreaming of the pine forests of Oregon, after being home again for a month. Won’t you join me in…

Getting lost among the pine trees. Pondering the scalloped intricacies of a pinecone. Biting into the sacred sweetness of a pineapplePining away over a lost love. Use pine as a noun, verb, or adjective. Or play around with it and invent your own word.

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