Wishfully Yours

No love or affection in this entire existence is with as selflessness as it is in the love for our own country. And, I am no exception to this, so being an Indian up to my fingertips, here is my salute to our nation on our independence day today.  

मेरा देश प्रथम है

मेरा देश प्रथम है

जीत के आह्लाद से शंख के नाद से

वाद से विवाद से किसी प्रतिवाद से

मेरा देश प्रथम है

शीश के अभिमान से युगों से शान से

धैर्य से  मान से गर्व से जान से

मेरा देश प्रथम है

रक्त के ताप से ईश के प्रताप से

प्रेम के आलाप से सुखों के जाप से

मेरा देश प्रथम है

हार की रार से जीत के प्रहार से

अपनो के प्यार से शत्रु के वार से

मेरा देश प्रथम है

श्वास के उद्भाव से रक्त के प्रवाह से

जीवन के भाव से स्वप्न के प्रभा से

मेरा देश प्रथम है

हास से परिहास से एक-एक स्वांस से

मृत्यु के आभास से जीने की आस से

मेरा देश प्रथम है

मेरा देश प्रथम है

Country first to me
Country first to me
Beyond the sense of life 
Beyond the influence of dreams 
Beyond laugh and derision 
Beyond every breath 
Country first to me 
Beyond the hope of living 
Beyond the fear of death
Beyond the joy of victory
Beyond the sound of the conch
Country first to me 
Beyond any argument or any dispute
Beyond the pride through ages
Beyond patient 
Beyond  respect 
Country first to me 
Beyond the heat of blood 
Beyond the majesty of His Kindness
Beyond the chant of happiness 
Beyond the chant of love
Country first to me 
Beyond the cry of defeat 
Beyond the blow of victory
Beyond the love of loved ones 
Beyond the attack of the enemy
Country first to me 
Beyond the origin of breathing 
Beyond the flow of blood
Country first to me
Country first to me

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26 thoughts on “Wishfully Yours

    1. Thanks sincerely. I was under the impression that you had been here, particularly by your posts on ‘Rishikesh’ in Feb. Thanks yet again on your thoughts on my country.

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