Painfully Yours

(Written for- Thursday Inspiration #216 Dream Weaver)

I was a little preoccupied with some urgent professional work and found myself unable to chip in with anything more than one line, and I am not very enthusiasticĀ  about one-liners šŸ˜Š (The grapes have always been sour all through ages) until IĀ  caught this prompt “pain” by Jim. The immediate song that struck to my mind is what follows, a great number by Jon Bon Jovi, one of my all time favorites. I am quoting some of the beautiful lines including ” like a poet needs the pain”, Oh! so very true…..

You want commitment, and take a look into these eyes.They burn with fire, Yeah, until the end of time.And I would do anything, I’d beg, I’d steal,I’d die to have you in theses arms tonight.Baby I want you like the roses want the rain,You know I need you like a poet needs the pain.And I would give anything. My blood, my love, my life.If you were in these arms tonight.I’d hold you, I’d need you,

Baby, like the roses need the rain.Like the seasons need to change.

I need you in theses arms tonight.

I need you like a poet needs the pain.

Good evening and see you soon.

Thursday Inspiration #216 Dream Weaver

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