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                  Poetry is one of the tenderest mode of portraying delicate feelings, sensitive ideas and emotional outbreaks in humans. Audience reach to one’s poetry is as important as penning down nice lines of poetry itself. With the objective of enhancing reach to at least local audience of work by lesser known writers like myself, I did start a YouTube channel with meagre recourses that I could muster and I am satisfied with the response received so far, effectively in about a fortnight’s time.

                I urge all those who want to take their work to an audience beyond the blogging world to come out of inhibitions and not be even a fraction afraid of any kind of failures in such an effort . Please venture out to give more opportunities to your own work and that of writers you like by paving new avenues yourself in the language you prefer. Please remember that poets are noble hearted persons and they must be heard by many for a better world. Till you do it yourself, I would request and welcome short duration poetry (audio versions) of yours which can be mailed if you wish to. In the world we see today, language is not a bar as such, technological interventions have smoothened it considerably.

  Please like and subscribe particularly if you tend to understand even a bit. I sincerely hope to take it to the level I may contemplate it to go to and adhere to the noble objective envisaged at the same time.


Good evening and see you next time.


Solicitaría y daría la bienvenida a versiones de poemas suyos de corta duración que pueden enviarse por correo si lo desea. Por favor, dale me gusta y suscríbete especialmente si tiendes a entender aunque sea un poco. Acepte mis disculpas si se escribe aquí alguna traducción absurda o incorrecta.


Buenas noches y nos vemos la próxima vez.

Vorrei richiedere e dare il benvenuto alle tue versioni di poesie di breve durata che possono essere spedite se lo desideri. Metti mi piace e iscriviti in particolare se tendi a capire anche solo un po’. Si prega di accettare le mie scuse se qui viene digitata una traduzione assurda o errata.


Buonasera e alla prossima.

Eu solicitaria e receberia bem as suas versões de poesia de curta duração, que podem ser enviadas pelo correio, se você desejar. Por favor, curta e assine, especialmente se você tende a entender um pouco.

Por favor, aceite minhas desculpas se alguma tradução absurda ou incorreta for digitada aqui.


Boa noite e até a próxima.

Je demanderais et accueillerais vos versions courtes de poésie, qui peuvent être envoyées par la poste si vous le souhaitez. S’il vous plaît aimez et abonnez-vous, surtout si vous avez tendance à comprendre un peu. Veuillez accepter mes excuses si une traduction absurde ou incorrecte est tapée ici.


Bonne soirée et à la prochaine.



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