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To start April in a lighter mode, at least for all those who somehow had a busy March, (In India, we have financial years from April to March) here are some seemingly lighter but analytically heavier difference among a Poet,  a Prose writer (henceforth writer) and a Satirist

1- Usage of Words-

Poet– Very Smart, very stingy with words, leaves everything to viewers for their versions on the poem. A viewer is as happy to give a version on ‘each word of the poem’ as the poet is to (un)write it; ending up with the case that far too many versions than the poet might have even thought of.


Writer– An extravagant with words, does not give any chance to others to come out with a version of theirs. A viewer who understands the writer’s version is absolutely unhappy and disenchanted and the writer has no idea about those viewers who don’t go through it. In the end, far too lesser consented versions on the topic than the writer might have thought of.


SatiristPoorest of all, puts just the requisite words, still neither the viewers get to understand fully what the article means nor they want to give any version at all. In the end, there might pop up an opposite version to the effect.

2-Theme or Subject

Poet– Again Very Smart, All poignant issues. Poet is happy on making viewers misty in the eyes.

Popular and considered an Erudite.


Writer– Honest and vocal on important issues. Trying to raise all general issues, but finds it hard to get his voice heard generally.

Uncommonly Common.


Satirist– Innocent of all, puts forward ironical articles on all burning issues and in the end gets his fingers burnt.

Odd man (you hardly find a woman satirist) out.

With all the envy with poets out here, all the apathy with a few writers and nothing for satirists (for I do not find one here),

Good evening and see you next time.

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12 thoughts on “Jealously Yours

  1. your ability to read between the lines and write between them too is quite intriguing. 😋
    your analysis is equally interesting. Where you see the difference, some may see the similarities…
    after yours, it’s all about flair to read and write between the lines… perhaps 😋
    much enjoyed 🤍

    1. That is why poets are to be envied with, they are so sweet by words.😊 Never mind, just fun intended. Thanks for reading lines other than in this post which caught myself doing some spelling correction.
      Thanks again and good day.

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