Conspicuously Yours

Pursuing those undesired destinations,

With some paths so unrecognized,

Did not have the courage to follow right,

And, life was not kind for anything wrong.

Tired of chasing my precious dreams,

Turning a blind eye to conspicuous reality,

When looked back, there was no one,

No miracles done by all the blessings.

Do not let go of whatever in hands,

Do not let what is near go far away,

No more of these relentless journeys now,

Let that uncompromising persona settle down now.

Written for Eugenia’s Moonwashed Musings!Weekly Prompt – Uncompromising prompt-132-2-28-2023-uncompromising/

Good afternoon and see you next time.

Published by J M Negi

No experience only flair

16 thoughts on “Conspicuously Yours

  1. Now this is an accurate description of journeys from past to present to future. Enlightening and a comfort to read. Thanks
    Lovely, J…🀍

      1. I didn’t know you and you too not
        Now I know you may be you do not
        You didn’t know that I know you but
        I also know you like to know me not,
        Still, I try to know, but back to you not

      2. Yes, this indeed is the net,
        Connect not fully done yet
        This way If we move, surely,
        No disconnect one day, I bet.

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