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Having actively spent the last 3-4 months in the blogging world, number of blogs that I have been following has risen about 4 times. Which is why the number of blogs available to read daily is more than the number of blogs I write in a quarter. Reading these many ones has made be funnily make an opinion about the the characteristic of some of the “popular ones”. This one is something like giving names to our friends in college times for pure FUN and not at all intentional or derogatory by purpose. I thank you if you please excuse me or even if you don’t, here it goes-

Some blog six in a day and keep the tab engaged,

Other innocuous appear once in six days so, none is raged,

Those mentioned today may have some wine,

Those spared today will not be left next time.

Name a prompt any day, month or any week,

Aboli Mane promptly comes up with a tweak,

Ask Destiny’s  Designz(ed), and get poem of every kind,

Ken Hume of poetry and prose we always find,

Tanmay Philip is poetry’s technical scientist,

Ben Alexander curios for ‘poetry war’ with open fist,

Eugenia, Linda Hill, Sammy and Reena all good for others,

They throw next without waiting current prompt’s winner(s),

Light Motifs, Silly frog’s blog and lifeafter50 are blogger’s preachers remains one of occasional breachers,

100 C Trek, Jyothi, Rupali, Filipa, Sammut adept in travelogue,

Helena, Vidah, Dennismantin, Cheryl also have travel catalogue,

BG, Volfredo, Marko give what’s latest ‘on vogue’ ,

Zettl  and Bon  Repos present art in black or rouge,

Kittysverses, Sydney, Mukktizova, Resha, Anjali kids but not new on the “block“,

Michnavs, Ritu, Miya, Don Minott “old dimes’ round the clock,

Trishikh, Priti  Vermavkv, kk write slogan-stories with command,

Mohenzo, Krishna, Krishta, Joel, Schingle Santable remain in demand,

Indira ji, Anita bacha, Shobhna, G Mennon gentle women of the trade,

Not the least, Spanish, Romanian, French, Italian blogger brigade.

One is lonely, two a company but all certainly not crowd,

They are our ‘bloggers friends’ who make me very proud.

Good evening and see you next time.

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  1. Wow, thank you for the mention. Poetry’s technical scientist, I like that a lot! That’s a massive compliment 😁 This post was fun. Lots of familiar faces, and some unfamiliar ones that I have to check out

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