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Every morning, when I open my WordPress interface, I find at least half a dozen revered blogs for voluntarily participation in “prompt bonanza” with very unique prompts. Every morning, I get so very motivated that it seems by evening I shall have my reads submitted to each one of them. And trust me, I more or less find myself repeating the same exercise the next morning having submitted none. For me, “Grapes are always sour” so, I respond to Dr. Tanya on her Blogging Insights series with her set of questions in the following manner-

How do writing prompts affect your creativity? Do they expand it, or do they restrict it?

I think essentially for “poets” prompts do not foster much creativity except for some prompts, which by themselves, are considered creative. We tend to write more applying our mind with all permutations along with the thematic idea, if there, to perfectly fit in. We “the poets” corroborate the stanza and lines with lesser poetic perspective and without getting that nurtured in the delicate way it should be. Prompt writing may be creative for versatile writers who also happen to be ‘poets’, with due apology to all average ones like myself. Any given circumstances, condition, time phase, pre depicting way, style, methodology etc can be made prompts for more creativity.

Can they be considered ‘real’ or ‘true’ writing?

Of course not!  As I said, if it doesn’t come from the heart, it can be real but not true to the very same poet writing it since, in my opinion, poets think from the heart rather than mind. Anyone with a certain know how and command over language can write on whatever being asked to. 

What is your favourite kind of prompt?

As a staunch debater, I would love anything that I understand even a little bit of but not as a ‘poet’. At last, my sincere apology to all who have been writing on prompts and to those revered hosts giving it for I never mean to undermine their sincerity and dedication towards poetry.


Good afternoon and see you next time.

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