Unknowingly Yours (1)

No fear of losing
No ecstasy of getting
No expectations from you dear
No complaints whatsoever
No feeling of heaviness
No desire of lighter moments
No responsibility eschewed
No sigh to throw in air
No words to thank and really
No words to apologize
For I know it was His will and Again His ordeal that
I would have only one life………

Unknowingly Yours (2)

Seasons some mirthful some full of pain
Reasons some so true some with disdain
Never occurred to me, this volatile it is,
Tried, ran after, caught, fumbled; in vain.

Choices some distressing yet so unmatched
Voices some soothing some so detached
Never occurred to me, this ductile it is Poignant, misty and never attached.

Stories some told some remain untold
Moments some shared some so unfold
Never occurred to me, this slippery it is,
Came, passed by but couldn’t be on hold.

Published by J M Negi

No experience only flair

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