(Un)Timely Yours








Runs perennially

Condensed efforts, Still

Can’t be a precursor




Sustains Perseverance

Precursor to Time

Makes our own destiny



Written for : David’s W3 Prompt #54: Wea’ve Written Weekly

Sadje’s prompt guidelines–  Write an ‘elfchen’ poem;

Extra challenge: write a second ‘elfchen’ poem, which opposes the first one.


In response to; dVerse- Slipping into surrealism with Erik Johansson, hosted by Mish

Good evening and see you next time. 

Seriously Yours



When we entered adolescence during the late eighties, like many others in our age, we were attracted to soft rock, pop and at times heavy metals . In Nainital, a famous hill station of the state, which has been kind of an educational hub in the entire nation, there were many libraries making available the albums of Boney M, Cliff Richard, Carpenters, Duran Duran, Bee Gees etc. General phenomenon was that boys would start with these and slowly move to slightly heavier and faster versions like Beatles, George Michael, Queen, Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton etc. or to numbers with more bass guitar and metals. I can now analyze and vindicate the fact that we all started predominantly with British or UK bands primarily for the fact that the British accent was much more familiar and easy for us all. It was only in the college that we kept Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Guns N Roses, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits and likes in our “walkman”, an electronic music player device much en vouge those days. I still remember “we didn’t start the fire”, a top Billy Joel number been performed by an Indian band at IIT Kharagpur where an inter college meet was organized then.

But Phil Collins firstly with Genesis and then solo was our super star when we became fond of rock n roll. It was this number in around 1988-89 that hit the market and was an instantaneous hit. There are total 12 very good numbers in it and a few topped the chart, but this number called ” father to son” with great lyrics, nice chorus humming effect was an absolute treat and remains one of the favorite even today. From then on, there have been a shift of taste at times to Rap, Reggae etc. in between but, this great one which we listened to when we were around 17-18 still seems like a new release.

We shall always look forward to you Phil, like late Lady Diana, the then Princess of Wales would do when she was alive.

Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a song from your childhood.” Think of a song from your childhood and just write. Have fun! In response to   https://lindaghill.com/2023/05/05/the-friday-reminder-and-prompt-for-socs-may-6-2023

They say old memories are like old dimes. I really cherished them today with this prompt.

Good evening and see you next time.

Serenely Yours


The scorching Sun can still appear serene,

Torrential rains at times, less extreme,

Typhoons subdued to a mere whisker,

Tycoons’ ups and downs  seem simpler.

Life remains calm and steady, with aplomb,

Time stronger than anything however strong,

Let’s embrace humanity and be human first,

Leave behind all vanity, in this transient burst.

With inner peace, let’s brave the storm,

And watch all whirls transform.

In time, all things shall pass away,

Let love and kindness guide our way.

For in this world, where pride prevails,

Let humanity be our holy grail.         ( 92 words)

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #278

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #309


Good evening and see you next time.

Introvertly Yours


Hey poem, why don’t you come out from inside?

There’s conducive situation, something to confide.

Why do you stay so deep, hidden inside the heart?

Why do you cry silently, keeping yourself apart?

You have a voice, let it be heard loud and clear,

Don’t be afraid to express, don’t live in fear.

These words can touch hearts, these lines can inspire,

Someone out there needs you, let them feel your fire.

All are unique, with their own rhythm and rhyme,

Embrace your imperfections, let them shine.

The world awaits your art, your creativity and grace,

So step out and be bold, show them your true face.

Hey poem, don’t be scared, don’t hold back,

Let all emotions flow, let your soul unpack.

For you are not just words, but a piece of the poet’s heart,

And it’s time to share it with the world, it’s time to start.


Good evening and see you next time.

Purposefully Yours


Wrinkles hold tales of a life not so well-lived, no regret,

Grey hair a treasure of love to still give, memory etched,

Her shoulders carry the weight of responsibility,

Of a life spent serving, with unwavering ability.

Carries all responsibility with enviable grace,

Buckets and bag carry hard destiny’s race.

And in her bag, all her worries and fears,

But also her hopes, her dreams, and her cheers.

Her weary steps may falter and sway,

But her spirit remains unbreakable in every way,

For she’s seen the world in all its hues,

And knows that life is what you have to choose.

With hope in her stride, she knows the way,

God by her side, guiding her every day.

Her stride, a reflection of the hope within,

Of a life lived with purpose, a victory to win,

Her spirit unbreakable, a lesson to learn,

A life lived with purpose, at every turn.

So let us honor this wise old dame,

And remember that age is not a shame,

For in her wrinkles and her gray hair,

Lies an ideal beauty beyond one’s compare.


Written for : Sadje’s What do you see # 184- International Labour Day

What do you see # 184- International Labour Day



Humpt(il)y Dumpt(il)y Yours


Written for: David’s W3 Prompt #52: Wea’ve Written Weekly


Humpty dumpty, did you ever sit on a wall,

Hearing through ages; you had a great fall,

He gave a huffy cough and a snuffy laugh,

Said I stood on the ground, but those lamenters all,

Had their conscience and morality dip and fall,

I tried climbing the wall to the best that I can,

I failed but, so too, every other present man,

I got over that and started next sailing,

Such “Conny” with their Mommy, only kept on wailing!


Good evening and see you next time.


The prompt guidelines-  Write a poem of at least six lines that’s heavy on consonance, assonance, or both;

Consonance: repetition of identical consonant sounds; Assonance: repetition of similar vowel sounds.

Lively Yours


Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #140 – 4/25/23 – Impending


If death is all that side to find,

And life is just a minor bind,

What if you don’t cherish life,

Where’s the fear in death, so rife?

The mind’s perfection is our goal,

Through life or death, it’s our soul,

If wishes granted beyond life,

Is this place better than death’s strife?

If life’s just a tiny breath,

So certain is the impending death,

If, death fulfills a wish or prayer,

Is life worth living in despair?


Good evening and see you next time.

Hypothetically Yours


Written for : Sadje’s What do you see # 183 #Keepitalive #Whatdoyousee #WDYS

For the first time, I dare participate in Sadje’s popular series and hope she does allow me for the same.

I have four different sets of four lines each pertaining to the Girl’s and  supposedly the boy’s ( not in the frame though the palm and the hand seem masculine) perspective, once assuming that the hands slipped accidently and in another one presuming it was done deliberately. All true lovers or best couples would forgive me for two stanzas which they would anyway loathe-

The Girl 1-

You left my hand, how does rest matter,

Better leaving the world, such a debtor,

But don’t forget, don’t make it worse,

Please don’t inflict on others, this curse.

The Girl 2-

You gave your hand, with strength and grace,

Through all the trials, you kept your place,

Though fate may not have been kind,

Your love and trust, will always shine.

The Boy 1-

For long, unwillingly I held on that tight,

Afraid of what others might think and cite,

But now I’m free, and though it’s hard,

I’ll follow my heart, no longer on guard.

The Boy 2-

Luck snatched your hand, a twist of fate,

A million wishes, it’s now really too late,

But in this world or the next we’ll see,

Together again, just you and me.

Good evening and see you next time.


Meekly Yours









As firm as time infinite,


Beyond patience but definite,


With equality for one another,


That complements us together,


Calm, serene without ostentation,


Only needs harmony, no confession.


Good evening and see you next time.

Weekend Writing Prompt #308 –Confession

Written for # SAMMICOX’s weekend writing prompt-Confession

(33 words) and

Eugenia’s Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #139 – 4/18/23 – Serene

Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #139 – 4/18/23 – Serene

Perpetually Yours



That willowy frame I saw in view,

Dusky skin that drew my gaze anew,

How you withdrew into yourself on my stare,

That nonchalant shrug, as if you didn’t care.

Unaware of what was good or bad,

You stood insouciant and glad,

Even though you’re no longer here,

Those memories still linger near.

Your dissolution has taken you away,

But the bond we shared remains, day by day,

Though you’re gone, your essence remains,

In my mind, heart, soul, it sustains.

Weekend Writing Prompt #307 –Dissolution

Written for # SAMMICOX’s weekend writing prompt- Dissolution (81 words)

Good afternoon and see you next time.

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