Benignly Yours

Au Revoir Haldwani Au Revoir Haldwani, a place which Saw my kids grow into a boy & a girl Saw my father leaving for eternity Saw my black curls turn grey Saw my anger getting mellowed considerably Saw me come in thirties and push me in forties Saw my better half turn pretty to prettyContinue reading “Benignly Yours”

(Un)Truly Yours

They say “your ordeal” Oh! Yes perfect when it’s theirs. When talking of mine, it is yet to come. And believe me, I have most determinedly, consistently, persistently and vigorously been waiting for that. Even after 30 odd years, I am raring to wait even for years to come; just wait. Act of waiting isContinue reading “(Un)Truly Yours”

(Un)friendly yours

With all the repentance for things that I ought to have done but couldn’t do in life and maximum malice & jealousy towards all my friends who pipped me all through, I foray in  blogging myself on the occasion of successful 10 years of blogging of a friend of mine. I have been thinking ofContinue reading “(Un)friendly yours”

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