Waitingly Yours

You remember or not, You rest in my breath, You desire or not, You are my quest, For the rest of my life, You know or not, Even if I’m not in you, You remain in my everything. Good evening and see you next time. Photo Source * * Web * any commercial/financial benefit fromContinue reading “Waitingly Yours”

Promptly yours

Yes, literally its a blog which is driven by different “prompts“, as given by other respected & established bloggers. It goes like- Love & solemnity forge her exercise deeds till infinity, Acting as a Family angel with all her true Muliebrity, No responsibility eschewed and no apathy shown, Mothers are evidently second God to usContinue reading “Promptly yours”

Amusingly yours

Sometimes, I really get amused as to how do the bloggers I have been following, persistently keep writing wonderful prose or poetry. It’s not a sheer exaggeration that most of the prose or poetry has been of such a wisdom or quality that I take more time in putting a “worthwhile comment” than writing aContinue reading “Amusingly yours”

Modestly Yours

O Janus! Come to us for Love, companionship and full equality, Alleviating hate, animosity and frivolity, Blessing humanity for zeal and inspiration, Making us all epitome of perspiration. O Janus! Come to us with Tranquility and chorus of symphony, Warm Rays to take all our melancholy, Separation from greed, jealous cacophony, Disdain, Ostentation & utterContinue reading “Modestly Yours”

(Un) embarrassingly yours

In mostly all the social media platforms including “WordPress”, you have friends from countries other than yours and some of them react to your posts or comment in their domestic language only. Similarly, there are friends who prefer to post in their own language. It’s become a common practice for some amateur bloggers like myself,Continue reading “(Un) embarrassingly yours”

Earthly Yours

Written for : Reena’s PROMPT #262: RANDOM DREAMS O Lord! Thou shall fill us with all the Earthly colors, Shower the blessings this year in our endeavours, We shall not pray for any heavenly miracles, Just protect the mankind from humanly debacles. For we cherish all the dreams regular or random, For we own happinessContinue reading “Earthly Yours”

Passionately yours

Bidding Adieu 2022 and welcoming 2023 I write this more to pay my gratitude & respect to “all the Blogger fraternity” who have all through the year given new dimension to our vision, knowledge and information about variety of poetic emotions, diverse prose, exotic discovered or undiscovered locations, awesome painting, reverberating jingles etc. than toContinue reading “Passionately yours”

Happily Yours

कैसा पास और कितना दूर,सब सच में बहाना है,थोड़ा-थोड़ा सबको निभाना है। क्या सब पाया क्या सब खोया,क्यों याद करूं,मुझसे जिसको जो ठौर मिले,वो बात करूं,समय से लड़ने की निष्फलकोशिश करते जाना है,थोड़ा-थोड़ा सबको निभाना है। क्या बोलूं क्या मौन समेटूँ ,कुछ खबर नहीं,अथक सफर को कैसे बाँटू,कुछ सबर नहीं ,उम्र से लम्बी इन सड़कोंContinue reading “Happily Yours”

Submissively Yours

कुछ मंजिलों के निशां न थेकुछ रास्तों की पहचां न थी,कुछ सही का यों हौंसला न था,कुछ गलत पे जिन्दगी मेहरबां न थी । कुछ सपनों के पीछे थक करकुछ हकीकत से आंखें मथकर,मुड़कर देखा तो कुछ भी न थाकुछ भी दुवाओं में जाँ न थी । कुछ जो हाथ है छूट न जायेकुछ जोContinue reading “Submissively Yours”

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