Sweetly Yours

When the Sun rises at dawn with golden rays,When the cuckoo twitters and life begins its ways,When the gentle breeze touches your cheeks,Just think O my love !I remember you. When you find a red red rose, that’s newly sprung in June,When you hear the melody, that’s sweetly played in tune,When it drizzles and drenchesContinue reading “Sweetly Yours”

Unknowingly Yours (3)

Twinkle in her eyesThrough ages or through thick & thinThrough ecstasy or deep pain withinLonging freedom from success and failureThrough past, future and present therein,Looking at that,Twinkle in her eyes. Through senses known or unknownThrough commitments met or blownGroping about the courage that mattersThrough emotions Obscure or fully shown,Looking at that,Twinkle in her eyes. ThroughContinue reading “Unknowingly Yours (3)”

Unknowingly Yours (1)

No fear of losingNo ecstasy of gettingNo expectations from you dearNo complaints whatsoeverNo feeling of heavinessNo desire of lighter momentsNo responsibility eschewedNo sigh to throw in airNo words to thank and reallyNo words to apologizeFor I know it was His will and Again His ordeal thatI would have only one life……… Unknowingly Yours (2) SeasonsContinue reading “Unknowingly Yours (1)”

Doubtfully Yours

मत बैरी बन मेरी प्रज्ञा तू , चंचल मन से क्यों द्वन्द करे। कुछ सुना कुछ कहा नहीं , कुछ थमा कुछ मिला नहीं, कुछ किया कुछ निभा नहीं, कुछ ढूँढ़ा कुछ दिखा नहीं, यादों के इन चौराहों पर तू, चाल अभी क्यों मंद करे । चंचल मन से क्यों द्वन्द करे। जो समझा वोContinue reading “Doubtfully Yours”

Annoyingly Yours

स्तब्ध हूँ, उग्र नहीं पर व्यग्र अवश्य, समय पर, किचिंत नहीं,अभ्यस्त हूँ, स्तब्ध हूँ। अनुभवी नहीं कुछ अनुभव अवश्य, सपनों का, कदाचित यूँ हीं, व्यस्त हूँ, स्तब्ध हूँ। निर्मोही नहीं कुछ मोह अवश्य, जीवन से, फिर भी कुछ बोझ से,पस्त हूँ, स्तब्ध हूँ।

Innocently Yours

Kaisa pass aur kitna door ,Sub such mein bahana haiThora thora sabko nibhana hai. Kya sab paya kya kuch khoyaKyon yaad karunMujh se jisko jo thour mileWo baat karunSamay se larne ki nishphal koshishKarte jaana haiThora thora sabko nibhana hai. Kya bolun kya maun sametunKuch khabar nahiAthak safar ko kaise baatunAb sabar nahiUmra se lambiContinue reading “Innocently Yours”

Sincerely Yours

तुमको कुछ शिकायत औरकुछ भ्रम मुझको रहने दो,तुम कुछ चुप चुप से रहो औरमुझको यों चुप रहने दो । समय के साथ बस कभीयादें न कुछ बहने पायें,सब जाये पर आँखों में कुछबाँतें फिर भी रहने पायें,कुछ तुम रख लो धीमे से औरकुछ मुझको भी रख लेने दो।तुमको कुछ शिकायत औरकुछ भ्रम मुझको रहने दोContinue reading “Sincerely Yours”

(Un)Truly Yours

They say “your ordeal” Oh! Yes perfect when it’s theirs. When talking of mine, it is yet to come. And believe me, I have most determinedly, consistently, persistently and vigorously been waiting for that. Even after 30 odd years, I am raring to wait even for years to come; just wait. Act of waiting isContinue reading “(Un)Truly Yours”

(Un)friendly yours

With all the repentance for things that I ought to have done but couldn’t do in life and maximum malice & jealousy towards all my friends who pipped me all through, I foray in  blogging myself on the occasion of successful 10 years of blogging of a friend of mine. I have been thinking ofContinue reading “(Un)friendly yours”

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