Highly Yours

Advertisements (written for What do you see # 203- September 11, 2023) Fly you kids! fly high, On the bicycles of success with ethics and virtues, fly high, touch all the skies that’s visible to you, fly high before you are curbed and slowed, by customs and taboos, that seem pulling towards the roots, but,Continue reading “Highly Yours”

Blissfully Yours

Advertisements (Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Unrivaled, posted on12 Sep, 2023) Earthly dreams meet sky, Mesmerizing colors spread, Unrivaled blissed soul. Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Unrivaled Good afternoon and see you next time.  Guidelines- Welcome to Moonwashed Musings The image selection is dedicated to, Suzette B. Your Weekly Prompt – Unrivaled Go where the prompt leads you.Continue reading “Blissfully Yours”

linguistically Yours

Advertisements   Yesterday was the Hindi day, my seriousness to my National language is highly shown by a mere fact that this blog comes a day after the actual date. 😊 For all the countrymen and even those who understand Hindi, my humble submission is that celebrating a day, maybe a fortnight or even aContinue reading “linguistically Yours”

Maturely Yours

Advertisements ( Written for #Poetry Challenge No. 337, 9/12/23 ) Paddle through upstream will make you tougher, for life is a tough ocean. #TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry Challenge No. 337, 9/12/23 Good evening and see you next time.  Guidelines- This week’s challenge is a photo prompt. This year, my friend, and photographer, Terri Webster Schrandt, from secondwindleisure.com shared her photosContinue reading “Maturely Yours”

Compassionately Yours

Advertisements ( Written for Crimson’s Creative Challenge #253, Sep13, 2023 by Crispina Kemp ) Straw by straw I make a nest, oblivious of, a vicious hawk eye. “And the saddest part is; there are far too many tiny birds with far too lesser hawk-eyes on them” Crimson’s Creative Challenge #253 Good evening and see you nextContinue reading “Compassionately Yours”

Heartily Yours (1)

Advertisements (Written for Photo Challenge- Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie posted on Sep 12, 20123) Make bridge and causeway to connect all, before that, Reach fragile hearts first. Photo Challenge #481 Good evening and see you next time. Photo Challenge Guidelines- Use the above image as inspiration for a poem or short story. Alternatively, if you are anContinue reading “Heartily Yours (1)”

Interestingly Yours

Advertisements ( Written for Reena’s Xploration Challenge #296 posted on Sep 7, 2023) Fiction in the time of fake news- Will lead to “The end of imagination” since fake news shall have all the imaginations. Letters in the time of instant messaging-                  What will then happen to “Things that Can and Cannot be said“,Continue reading “Interestingly Yours”

(Un)Humanly Yours

Advertisements (Written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Ignited Eugi posted on 5 Sep 2023) Divine ray required. to keep ignited in us. some human virtues. Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Ignited Good evening and see you next time.  Let our wisdom be upgraded with Amazon bestsellers Guidelines- Welcome to Moonwashed Musings! Your Weekly Prompt – Ignited Go whereContinue reading “(Un)Humanly Yours”

Heavenly Yours

Advertisements For a change, today some stunning shots of the great Himalayan range from Kumaun and Garhwal regions of the Uttarakhand State, “simply heaven“. My sincerest thanks and gratitude to Mr. Saurav Joshi, a technical professional from an IIT who has got no lesser charm and flair towards trekking, photography and nature than the consultancyContinue reading “Heavenly Yours”

Amply Yours

Advertisements (Written for dVerse prompt: Quadrille #183, A Sliver of a Poem posted on 4 Sep 2023) Though It’s made with much adroitness, With cheese rich decoration and ambrosial taste, Enough for human temptation, But this is not why only a sliver of the cake will do for me, It’s the emotional aroma that platesContinue reading “Amply Yours”

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