Funnily Yours

Having actively spent the last 3-4 months in the blogging world, number of blogs that I have been following has risen about 4 times. Which is why the number of blogs available to read daily is more than the number of blogs I write in a quarter. Reading these many ones has made be funnilyContinue reading “Funnily Yours”

Helplessly Yours

Astounded, Not furious but definitely anxious, On time, Never cared, never used to it so, Astounded. No experience of success but, Yes, Some experience, of dreams, May be just busy in nothing, why, Astounded. Some fascination with this world still, Not complete disenchantment, from life, yet, Battered all over though, how, Astounded. —————————————– Good eveningContinue reading “Helplessly Yours”

Pretendedly Yours

Every morning, when I open my WordPress interface, I find at least half a dozen revered blogs for voluntarily participation in “prompt bonanza” with very unique prompts. Every morning, I get so very motivated that it seems by evening I shall have my reads submitted to each one of them. And trust me, I moreContinue reading “Pretendedly Yours”

Separately yours

You will always have some complaints, And myself some illusions about you. Please keep quiet about the complaints, And let me be silent on all illusions. Along with the time, May our memories not outflow, Let everything fall away but, Let our eyes and hearts keep all, You share only a tiny bit of thatContinue reading “Separately yours”

Lovingly yours (2)

Abstracted mind, Actions confined, Shattered dreams, Smiles & screams, Intrigued wait, Very distinct trait, Diminishing hope, Grit to elope. ~ It must’ve been love~ ( By Roxette ) No reason to smile, no hate no guile, Always a hope, anything to cope, Mirthful mind, sweetheart very kind, Desire to live, make others happy & forgive.Continue reading “Lovingly yours (2)”

Lovingly Yours

When in despair, No one fair, Afflicting ways, passive phrase, You will find me by your side, Lovingly. Darken whole, blistering soul, Ruptured heart, efforts thwart, You will find me by your side, Lovingly. Lonely in crowd, cry aloud, Nothing but pain, all in vain, You will find me by your side, Lovingly. —————————-–——– GoodContinue reading “Lovingly Yours”

Heartily Yours

May not be a King of Spades, But always a King of Heart(s), ‘Thrown’ for winning not defeating, Whenever there, in one’s cart. Deadly in ‘triplet,’ better in ‘pairs’, Lethal if ‘sequenced’ with others, Very defending in ‘colors’ of all, Even alone, no relinquishment at all. Written for Linda’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness SaturdayContinue reading “Heartily Yours”

Confusingly Yours

Like many others, I also get fancied by the “one liners” or the “quotable quotes.” Sometimes, it is difficult to choose which is a better quote between the two recognized and popular ones. A few of the dilemmas are as follows- 80% of Success is Showing Up Vs Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspirationContinue reading “Confusingly Yours”

Quietly Yours

Not a “revelation” when I say- Better than my daughter saying with command “My father”, Your simple nod for something I don’t ask, Better than my wishes coming true, Your denial to what I meekly ask for. No lesser You coming across to my life, Than my mother giving me birth, No lesser my desireContinue reading “Quietly Yours”

Pollutedly yours

Each and every one of us had to read Jane Taylor’s ” Twinkle Twinkle little star” during our childhood days for ourselves and during our parenthood days for our kids. It just occurred to me as to how a child would rhyme the same poem in some of the major cities of the developing worldContinue reading “Pollutedly yours”

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